Vivica A. Fox Rallies for ‘Kill Bill 3’ Following Her Cameo in SZA’s Viral Music Video

Prior to this, the actress depicting Vernita Green in Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts revenge film series revealed that her phone ‘blew up’ after she starred in SZA’s ‘Kill Bill’ visual.

AceShowbizVivica A. Fox is aware that “Kill Bill” fans are eager for “Vol. 3.” In a new interview, the actress portraying Vernita Green in Quentin Tarantino‘s martial arts revenge film series “Kill Bill” rallies for “Kill Bill 3” after her cameo in SZA‘s viral “Kill Bill” music video.

When stopping by Variety Studio presented by Audible at Sundance, the 58-year-old actress said, “People are hungry,” before exclaiming, “Quentin, let’s go!” Though her character doesn’t survive the original “Kill Bill”, she said she’d “absolutely” participate in the third film, should it ever come to fruition.

“I’ve been waiting,” Vivica stressed, “They said it’s going to be my daughter growing up. I know he’ll figure out some kind of way…maybe I’ll be in a flashback. I’d love to work with Quentin again and I’d love to work with Uma again. It was a lot of training.”

Vivica, who was at Sundance to promote “Skilled“, a documentary about trade workers, even has dream casting to portray her offspring. “[Zendaya Coleman]… she’s beautiful, she’s amazing. She’s winning Emmys,” Fox says. “We’d have to fit it in her schedule. She’s killing the game.”

However, Vivica admitted that she hasn’t been in touch with Quentin in some time. “I haven’t talked to Quentin in a little bit. The last time I saw him I got invited to a party during his Oscar run for [‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘], the film with [Leonardo DiCaprio] and [Brad Pitt]. He had a great part on Sunset. Now he’s a dad! He might be taking some time to enjoy fatherhood.”

Vivica starred in Quentin’s 2003 martial arts revenge drama “Kill Bill Vol. 1” and the 2004 sequel “Kill Bill Vol. 2”, opposite Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu. The first movie stars Uma as the Bride, who swears retribution on a team of assassins (Vivica and Lucy among them) after they try to kill her.

There’s nothing official in the works but Quentin has mentioned a potential “Kill Bill Vol. 3” would focus in part on the daughter of Vivica’s character as she sets out to avenge her mother’s death by killing Uma’s the Bride.

Prior to this, Vivica said that her phone “blew up” after she made an appearance in SZA’s “Kill Bill” music video. “Oh my gosh. Did that go viral or what? People were making up their own storylines!” so said the Indiana-born actress/producer.

“My phone blew up that day and the internet as well,” added Vivica, who’s currently filming the Tubi and Mar Vista thriller “Twisted House Sitter 2” in Atlanta. “Yeah, I think people thought it’s gonna be this thing.”

“They were like, ‘Yes! SZA is playing Vivica Fox’s daughter in ‘Kill Bill’! Now we know! She’s gonna come back and go after Uma Thurman,’ ” she said with a laugh. “I’m like, ‘Not exactly…’ So that was great. I was very honored to work with SZA. She’s so lovely.”

In the near-five-minute music video, SZA’s hit song begins with the singer reading a letter from an ex who broke up with her as people begin shooting at her trailer, seemingly referencing Budd’s trailer in “Kill Bill Vol. 2”, in an attempt to kill her. SZA survives the shooting and hops in the car with Vivica as she sings the first chorus.

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