Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega demanded bosses cut key scene

Wednesday: Netflix announces second season of hit show

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Another season of one of Netflix’s biggest new shows is officially in the works, and things could be a lot different at Nevermore Academy now lead actress Jenna Ortega is taking on a producing role. Wednesday has already become a viral sensation thanks to the teen’s iconic prom dance, but the TikTok phenomenon was just one of many moments from season one which the star demanded to be changed.

Ortega revealed Wednesday’s viral dance originally escalated into a flash mob before she put her foot down.

The now famous scene features the Scream star dancing to Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps, which is usually soundtracked with Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary on TikTok.

While Wednesday dances solo for most of the scene, Ortega admitted she disagreed with the original script which called for the rest of the Nevermore students to join in.

“Initially it was supposed to be a flash mob,” she revealed. “She was supposed to start dancing, and everyone was supposed to pick up on it and start dancing with her.”

“And that I vetoed, because why would she be okay with that? I said, ‘Either cut it or have Wednesday knock someone out and then it’s done.’”

As one of the most beloved goth characters in film and TV history, the moody teen certainly wouldn’t have been happy if her classmates started joining in like a musical number.

Although it may have been fun to see Wednesday clock someone who tried to copy her moves, Ortega ultimately made the right decision as the dance became the biggest moment to come from the series.

Ortega had already confirmed she had considerable creative control over the dance, as she turned down the help of a choreographer and planned the performance in just two weeks.

However, this wasn’t the only creative decision she felt forced to make whilst shooting the Tim Burton-directed Netflix drama.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had to put my foot down on a set in the way that I had to on Wednesday,” she said on Dax Shephard’s Armchair Expert podcast.

“There was a line about a dress that she has to wear for a school dance, and she says, ‘Oh my God, I love it! I can’t believe I said that. I literally hate myself.’ And I had to go, ‘No, there’s no way.’”

Ortega confirmed she felt “very protective” of her character, and had to butt heads with the writers on several occasions to ensure Wednesday was done justice.

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“There were times on that set where I even became almost unprofessional, in a sense, where I just started changing lines,” she admitted.

“The script supervisor thought I was going with something, and then I would have to sit down with the writers, and they’d be like, ‘Wait, what happened to the scene?’

“And I would have to go through and explain why I couldn’t do certain things.”

Ortega has also expressed her disappointment with the series placing Wednesday in the middle of a love triangle with two Nevermore students, claiming it made “no sense” for the character.

Although the actress won’t be getting screenwriting credits for the second season, hopefully stepping up to exec produce will ensure season two will be more faithful to the Wednesday Addams fans have grown to love and fear.

Wednesday season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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