What Victoria Beckham’s famous arm drape pose really means

SHE is probably best known for her unsmiling pout in pictures, but Victoria Beckham has another signature pose – the cling and drape.

The 47-year-old is regularly seen with her arm flung over the person she’s having her picture with and we can now reveal it’s all about power.

Over the weekend, the mum-of-four shared a new snap of herself alongside her dad Anthony to mark his birthday, in which she had her arm draped over him. 

The pose is all about her ‘tender pride’, power and issues with trust, according to body language expert Judi James.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online about what it means, she explained:  “This cling-and-drape pose where Victoria hangs her arms around the neck and shoulders of people she loves and throws an expression of tender pride at the camera is a gesture normally associated with ownership, possession and desire to protect, with a sprinkling of power thrown in for good measure.”

Judi went on to reveal that it also displays a desire to keep her family unit together, which they often are.

Victoria and husband David are parents to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and daughter Harper.

While the younger three are still at home, Victoria often posts about missing Brooklyn who spends a lot of time Stateside with his fiancee Nicola Peltz.

Judi continued:  “It lets us know that she wants to keep the people she loves as close as possible, which is why we always seem to see the entire family unit pitching up to events together. 

“It could even hint at a fear of letting people go, with the safety and security of family being her prime focus. She’s showing us that she could be the person who works hard to unite the family and keep it close and happy.”

The Spice Girl most often uses the arm pose when she is with the former footballer, which could be a mark of “ownership”.

 “When she is dangling from David’s neck there is a submissive feel to her signals of adoration but when she dangles an arm around someone’s shoulder there is a hint of power in the signals of ownership,” Judi explained.

 “This pose also has an add-on that is revealing. When Victoria does her dangling arm she also tilts her head in towards the other person to the point where the heads are often touching. 

“Head closeness and head touch signal trust, meaning Victoria might be showing us it’s her family that she turns to in terms of trust as well as affection.”

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