Where is Around The World in 80 Days filmed? Where is it set?


Around the World in 80 Days is the iconic novel written by Jules Verne in the late 19th Century. There have been various adaptations over the years and the BBC will be once again bringing the story to the small screen. This time, it will be former Doctor Who actor David Tennant who will be stepping into the shoes of adventurer Phileas Fogg.

Where is Around The World in 80 Days set?

Around the World in 80 Days is set in Victorian England, which is the era in which the book was originally written.

Phileas Fogg (played by David Tennant) is a wealthy English gentleman who lives a quiet life in London.

Very little can be said about his social life apart from the fact he is a member of the Reform Club.

An exact location for Phileas and the gentleman’s club are not given in the book, nor are they expected to be explained in the series.

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Where was Around The World in 80 Days filmed?

Despite the show’s title, the eight-part drama was not filmed around the world.

In fact, only a couple of countries were used during the production of the famous story.

Shooting began in October 2020 in Romania but the exact locations used in the country have not been revealed by the BBC.

However, it has been reported the snowy mountaintops seen in the adaptation could be the Carpathian Mountains which arc across Europe.

Once the cast and crew left Romania, they made their way to South Africa for the remainder of filming.

It is believed one of the main shooting locations once there was Cape Town.

But pictures from the show also indicate they also spent some time filming in the desert whilst there.

A train which features in the trailer has a striking resemblance to those used in South Africa during the 19th Century.

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Talking about the series, actor Tennant said: “I think it’s very apt that it’s set for a Christmas transmission. It’s that kind of a show, it’s got that kind of scale and that kind of ambition and that kind of warmth.

“It’s a romp, but it’s got real heart to it, as well. It feels like a genuine – this phrase is overused – but it feels like a genuine piece of family entertainment, something that you can all, you know, grab a mince pie and enjoy together,” he continued.

“It has that sense of something that everyone can come together, and it works.

“It’ll work for your five-year-old, it’ll work for your 85-year-old.

“I think it’s got a genuine kind of cross-generational appeal to it and that’s something very special I’ve been involved in, in that kind of a story.”

But this won’t be just a one-off Boxing Day special on BBC One.

Around the World in 80 Days has been renewed for a second season, prior to the first series even starting.

There has been no indication when viewers can expect this second outing to begin but it may ready by this time next year if all goes well behind the scenes.

Around the World in 80 Days will premiere on Boxing Day at 5.50pm on BBC One.

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