35 last-minute Father's Day gifts at Amazon that'll arrive in time, from $14

Listen, we get it. We all have a lot going on, between work and kids and errands and… So it’s really not your fault that Father’s Day snuck up on you. Again. But here we are. And here you are, in desperate need of a gift that makes your partner or husband or father or best friend think that you put months of thought into picking it out. Here’s the good news: All the gifts below are available at Amazon, via expedited shipping, which means you can order now and bask in his appreciation when he opens the most thoughtful gift he’s ever received. Which took you minutes to pick out.

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Happy shopping…

1. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

undefined at Amazon

You know what’s better than a cat nap under a tree? Nothing, that’s what. He can snooze by the fire or under the stars in this dreamy hammock. It supports up to 500 pounds’ worth of human, weighs only 24 ounces and comes with two nine foot tree straps and carabiners, so he can set it up in minutes.

One of over 35,000 five star reviewers says, “I’ve never liked sleeping in a tent. I’m always too hot, and it’s stuffy in there, and all the nylon, plus the weight and the setup… no thanks. So, for a recent two night hike I thought I’d try a hammock. After doing some research, I settled on the Wise Owl Outfitters Single Hammock. I’m a convert for life! It’s lightweight, easy to setup, sturdy and comfortable. I’m a big guy (6′ 4″, 250lbs) so I was a little concerned with how well it would hold up… My fears were completely unfounded.”

Get dad the Tesla of coolers with this offering from Yeti, which makes stylish yet indestructible gear. This one, in a striking new color for the brand, has ColdCell Insulation, which is a closed-cell foam that keeps his cans so, so cold. No camping trip or tailgate will be the same.

So dad’s muscles ache and burn after a rough workout? And he loves nothing more than a back rub? Let this powerhouse new massager do the work for you.

One pleased purchaser shares, “Theragun knocked it out of the park with the mini! It’s so quiet and soothing; great help for people who have labor intensive wok! The arches on my feet never felt more relaxed after 8 hours of being on my feet.”

If dad’s idea of a perfect night is one spent in a tent under the stars, here’s a lantern with his name on it.

This repeat customer shares, “I bought our first one 2 years ago for a camping trip. It still works fantastic the same as the day it was purchased. I bought another one when we lost power from an ice storm. I highly recommend. You can charge with the crank or plug into a wall. They are light weight and the light lasts a very long time.”

Because he doesn’t need daylight to grill the perfect steak. These stainless steel tongs have a removable LED light (take it off before putting this in the dishwasher).

This gift-giver shares her success story: “Bought three. One for my husband and two for gifts. All the guys love them.”

Dad will be prepared for any eventuality that life throws his way with this tactical pen.

This user put it perfectly — “Do more with less!” — adding, “Combining a pen, a glass breaking tip, and a flashlight is genius, and I have less to carry and still get the job done.”

He’ll feel chipper from his head to his toes when he steps out in these whimsical, funky, bright socks. They’re from a Swedish brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously when it comes to design.

One foot covering aficionado says, “Happy Socks are the hallmark of my otherwise boring attire. I always get compliments on my Happy Socks. The fit, quality and feel are perfect.”

He’ll get 45 minutes worth of burn time, can use this indoors or outside, and can light his fire on any smooth, hard surface. We’ll refrain from singing that Doors song right about now.

This happy customer shares, “It’s mesmerizing watching the flame flicker. We have used it for toasting marshmallows outside and my 6 year old thinks it’s the coolest thing (and now we don’t have to wait for a campfire to make S’mores).”

He’ll dig this set of six global spices, inspired by Korean, Canadian, Greek and Jamaican flavors — they’ll elevate every single thing he cooks. And you can let him take all the credit.

Not only does he get to immerse himself in incomparably powerful bass, but these brilliant earbuds are splash-resistant for when he’s working out. They come with four ear adapters for the perfect fit.

One easy listener shares, “All around a near perfect purchase. The sound quality is impeccable. The transparent hearing feature is excellent. The app is good. The passive noise cancellation is above average.”

So he loves the outdoors, but not without his java. We get it. So does Stanley. Let him brew that perfect first cup with this pour over coffee maker, which happens to be unbreakable.

This convert explains, “I must say I had my doubts about this pour over but it really works well. I have used the cone shaped pour over devices and the Vietnamese method for the past 10 years. After going through different metal cone filters I saw this one and took a chance. Here is the difference: It is more durable and easy to clean. I will probably never own another one.”

You can get it in black, red, orange or green, and we especially dig its streamlined cuffed silhouette.

This wearer shares some intel: “Very comfortable, wearing it now. I saw some reviews saying it fits tight. Initially I thought that was the case too, but it loosened out with normal wear.”

Best of all, the frame does all the thinking for him: It pairs related portrait photos side-by-side, so he can see every single Father’s Day image together. Choose whatever frame color of three options that floats his boat.

This gift giver shares, “With the gift option, we were able to let many family members upload photos through the app before it was even opened so that there were nearly 300 photos ready in the lineup.”

It has a fixed number dial, an olive nylon canvas strap and green lume dial accents – this is the hardy, classic timepiece he’ll wear daily. It’s waterproof up to 10 ATM/100 meters, so he can even take it on waterborne adventures. And he’ll never be late for anything again. Maybe.

Yes, there are cheaper pans out there. But you get what you pay for, and when dad wants to cook, he deserves the best. And with this pan, you get even heat distribution, total heat control and true durability.

This customer put it to the test: “I bought this 8 inch first to check out the quality before renewing all of my cook wear. This pan sold me in minutes, now months later it still looks good as new and performs like a champ.”

It has responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons and clickable thumbsticks, for the perfect gaming session when he’s at the airport. In the park. Or just because. The headset jack lets him connect to his iPhone, and the controller itself is cordless and never needs to be charged.

This gamer shares, “I never enjoyed playing games on my phone although I do enjoy console gaming. The backbone has totally changed that! Finally I can play actually engaging games on my phone instead of boring games like Angry Birds.”

This telescoping tool lets him grab anything stuck in hard-to-reach areas and impossibly tight corners. Even better, it’s designed with a pocket clip so he can always have it on hand.

One customer put it to the test: “I tried out the magnet on different size objects and it passed with flying colors. The heaviest I tried was a hammer and it did fine. The extension on it works great when extended out. I tried the LED light and it is as bright as some of my brightest flash light.”

Does Pop has sensitive skin and ordinary razors tear up his face? With this tool, he can toggle between two heat levels, depending on his preference, and the razor’s five blades ensure that every part of his face gets some TLC.

This user says that “the hype is real,” adding, “The heat element really helped cutdown on razor burn and I have a nice smooth finish when done shaving.”

Plus, they’re manufactured with high-density memory foam, which means he can even wear these puppies outdoors. When he walks to the store. And there’s enough traction that he’ll never slip around when the floor is wet.

One multi-purpose user shares, “Well built. This is my third pair. I like the rubber soles and use them daily to walk the dogs and around the house.”

The serum is made with 27 different botanicals to help him look fresh and renewed. The cleanser gently exfoliates and feels him leaving refreshed. As for the base layer, it’s a dense, rich moisturizer that, like the rest of the line, is vegan and plant-based. His visage will thank you.

Let dad get up close with such daredevils as freestyle climber Alex Honnold. But this book is much more than a compilation of mind-boggling achievements (although it is that). It’s also the life story of Academy Award-winning filmmaker and National Geographic Jimmy Chin, who gave the world the mesmerizing documentary “Free Solo”.

Hard day at the office? Brutal commute? Let him chill out with this life-changing vibrating foam roller, which works his back, shoulders or other troubled areas.

This user shares, “I use this roller at PT and now I can use it at home. It’s amazing how effective it is at reducing pain.”

Not only do they look like they belong in a museum thanks to a combination of leather and aluminum, they’re also a music lover’s dream, letting him bask in the glorious sounds of Clapton, Springsteen or Vedder.

This easy listener adds, “The sound is great, which is the most important part of any headphone. In addition, the quality of these headphones are exceptional. Incredibly soft on ear options and easy on/off to change them to over the ear.”

Drizzle it on steak, chicken, fries, pizza, bread — whatever it touches, it instantly elevates. Bon appetit, dad.

This customer shares, “It’s unique and different but also completely familiar all at the same time…It’s hard to explain the flavor profile so you really just have to try for yourself. You definitely get a good mixture of tangy, then the truffle kicks in, then a spicy finish. Pretty good stuff and I would consider this a must have in your pantry.”

Folks, we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, living through uncertain times. And if dad needs to be prepared for everything, including a zombie apocalypse, get him this fully tricked-out backpack.

Plus, the blades are full-tang, meaning they extend into the handle (the gold standard of knives) and the handles are oval, so he always has a solid grip when he’s chopping, slicing, dicing, or mincing. These three essentials are all chef dad needs to get to work in the kitchen.

This way, his phone charges in another room, and he gets solid shut-eye without disruptive blue light.

One heavy sleeper shares, “So cute and always wakes me up. Love the design. I can sleep through every and any phone alarm, but this one does the trick!”

If dad is particular about his libations, he needs the proper cocktail shaker. This one has a vacuum-insulated design that guards against diluting heat transfer, so drinks are ice, ice cold. Bottoms up!

This repeat customer explains why they love it, “This is the absolute perfect cocktail shaker. First it is insulated so your hands don’t freeze. Second there is a measurer in the cap. Third, the cap twist off to expose the strainer that is built in. This is the fourth one I have bought. I gave two as gifts and now have two of them for myself.”

In essential mode, this watch also has an amazing 45-day battery life. It keeps track of his real-time fitness and health data, and has a built-in GPS, speaker and microphone, barometer and sleep tracker. And it looks cool as all get out.

He can put it in his back pocket and pull it out for an impromptu picnic, since it seats up to four adults. Or use it for a nap.

This user gives it to us straight: “Just buy the damn thing…For the price, heft, and size it’s a no brainer to keep in a school bag, work bag, EDC bag, or glove box in the car.”

If dad finds his inner piece when he’s building something, or putting stuff together, get him one of the best tools on the market.

This customer plans to pass it on to his kids, “This is the Rolex of hammers. It just looks and feels great. It makes you want to build things just for the sake of using it. Well worth the money and I will definitely hand it down one day to one of my lucky kids.”

Yes, we love Nintendo’s new(ish) OLED offering, but the shipping times aren’t great. So in a pinch, go for the Lite, which offers a nimble, fun, and ultra-portable gaming experience.

One customer calls it “the perfect handheld system,” adding, “While not as versatile as its original big brother, it is weighted perfectly and is far more ergonomic than the larger Switch, causing less fatigue over long gaming sessions. For on the go, you simply can’t beat it. Best game selection spanning decades, there are games for everyone, and you can play them anywhere and never miss a beat.”

Started by two friends who love the water, Vineyard Vines is known for bright, offbeat prints and quality that’s top-notch. If this print isn’t calling his name, the brand has a massive assortment of equally engaging options.

Practicality has its place, but let’s face it: It can get boring. And that’s why we dig this set of pizza scissors, which look like something out of a Pixar movie. They have curved blades that slice from above, to keep pizza toppings in place, and his hands away from the melted cheese.

It’s dad-approved: “As a husband and father it is my job to purchase ridiculous gadgets, show them off, then gleefully use them while my wife shakes her head in disapproval. On the rare occasion that the ridiculous and unnecessary gadget works, my existence is validated and my zeal for life is renewed. These scizza’s are one of those gadgets. My kids find it amusing, my wife begrudgingly uses them, and they actually work well.”

35. Victrola Revolution GO 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Record Player

So dad is an audiophile of the old school. Let him play his vinyl to his heart’s delight with the first portable, rechargeable, Bluetooth record player on the market. It plays his records, streams his music, works for 12 hours on a single charge and looks beautifully retro doing it. The removable lid doubles as a vinyl stand for five discs. Oh, and it’s $50 off.

undefined at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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