Aiden Leos death: $50,000 reward offered to find ‘road rage shooter’ who killed 6-year-old as mom says 'my life's over'

THERE is a $50,000 reward to find the "road rage killer" who killed a 6-year-old boy last Friday as the child's grieving mom says her "life is over."

Aiden Leos was fatally shot while riding in the back seat of his mother's car after she reportedly gave the middle finger to another driver for cutting her off on a highway in Orange, California.

Police say that the family members are victims of a road rage incident near Los Angeles after the gesture reportedly enraged the gun-wielding suspect.

Investigators believe that the gunshots that killed Aiden came from a white Volkswagen station wagon with a man and woman inside.

According to reports, Aiden's heartbreaking final words were: "Mommy, my tummy hurts."

A GoFundMe set up for the family and supporting the victim's mother has already surpassed $180,000.

Another GoFundMe to support Aiden's father has also garnered a large response, already reaching $10,000.

A relative of the family, Carla Lacy has spoken out on behalf of Aiden's mother, Joanna Cloonan, and the family's plans for the money.

"We also realize it’s important to use some of these funds to offer a reward to someone who may be holding back, that may have some information, to bring them forward because it is worth it," Lacy told KCAL.

The family is planning to offer a $50,000 reward for anyone with information that will lead to the arrest of the shooter.

The family gathered at the Walnut Avenue overpass on Saturday where a growing memorial of flowers and stuffed animals honors Aiden.

"They took my son's life away," Aiden's mother told ABC News' Zohreen Shah on Good Morning America. 

"He was beautiful and he was kind and he was precious, and you killed him for no reason.

"And I want to find them and I want there to be justice to be served for my son."

"He meant the world to me, and it feels like my life is over. That was my baby. I've never, never thought pain like this could exist."

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