Brit rescued from underground waste container in Malaga after prank

That was a rubbish idea! Brit is rescued from underground waste container as crowds watch after getting himself stuck during ‘drunken’ prank with his friends in Malaga

  • The tourists had put their friend inside a container at Uncibay Square in Malaga
  • Emergency services had to dismantle part of the container to get him out

This is the surreal moment a group of Brits try to pull their trapped friend from the narrow opening of an underground waste container on the Costa del Sol after a ‘drunken’ prank went wrong.

One of his mates can be heard shouting ‘Tiggy, give me your hand’ and counting ‘one, two, three’ before yanking his arm upwards.

Another joins in by telling him ‘Bring your knees up’ as bemused locals offer advice in broken English on the best way to get him out and the top of the hemmed-in holidaymaker’s head appears.

The bizarre drama at a central Malaga square ended with police, firefighters and workers from maintenance service firm Limasa being mobilised and having to dismantle part of the container so they could get him out following the failure of the amateur rescue attempt.

Overnight local reports said the tourists had put their trapped friend inside the container at busy Uncibay Square in Malaga’s historic city centre after a drinking binge.

Pictured: Friends and emergency services taking part in the rescue attempt. Overnight local reports said the tourists had put their trapped friend inside the container at busy Uncibay Square in Malaga’s historic city centre after a drinking binge

Police and other emergency services were alerted around 1am yesterday by a local bar owner.

She is said to have told officers the group had been taking it in turns to open up the lid of the underground ecological waste container and climb inside before one of them got trapped.

His friends’ attempts to pull him out included moments of tension when they yelled ‘Make yourself small’ and ‘Listen to me, your leg, get your leg up’ and unintelligible shouting mixed in with loud laughter as they realised the problems they had got themselves into.

One of the bemused locals watching on and trying to help with encouragement and advice could be overhead exclaiming: ‘My God. Is this real!’

Tiggy, as his mates appeared to be calling him, seemed to be unfazed by all the attention, emerging with his shirt off but a smile on his face after being pulled out by firefighters to cheers from the crowds that had gathered round.

Pictured: The friends manage to get the top part of the boy’s body out of the bin

The operation to free him took about half an hour. Armed police watched on but left the fire crews to do their job before taking the man’s details down.

An ambulance had been put on standby but was not needed.

It was not immediately clear today if he or his friends would be asked to pay for the cost of his rescue or face fines.

Although his nationality has not yet been confirmed by officials, the video footage left it clear his mates were British and one local report also described him as British.

One Spaniard observing the moments leading up to the successful rescue and its happy ending said: ‘There are stupid people and then these.

‘They’ve put a lad in an underground waste container and they can’t get him out.

‘They’ve been trying to get him out for around the past half-hour.

‘I don’t understand these people who get drunk and do these sorts of things.’

He added as ‘Tiggy’ emerged with a smile on his face: ‘Here’s the guy. My God, my god. Drunkenness, eh!’

Pictured: A small group of people watch as the emergency services take part in the rescue attempt

The incident had all the hallmarks of a stag do, although it is not known if the men involved were celebrating the impending marriage of one of their group.

In November last year Malaga city halls chiefs announced £650 fines for having inflatable penises and sex dolls as part of a crackdown on hen and stag parties.

The previous month scantily-clad models turned heads in the same city as they stripped down to their underwear on a packed street in front of shocked tourists and locals.

The women got out of a van before taking their clothes off and posing for a cameraman.

And one of the models briefly whipped her bra top off and exposed her naked breasts in front of children and OAPs after being egged on by a group of men opposite.

The shocking scenes occurred near Atarazanas Market in Malaga, the city’s central market and one its city’s architectural gems, around midday on Tuesday.

City hall officials confirmed at the time the daring photoshoot had not been authorised and they were investigating.

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