Britney Spears' father claims there are "no grounds" to remove him as the singer's conservator

New court documents filed on August 6 from Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears claim that there are "no grounds whatsoever" to remove Jamie from the conservatorship, alleging that he has "dutifully and faithfully served" as her conservator — despite his daughter's claims that he has abused his power over her.

Britney, who is locked in an ongoing battle to remove Jamie from her conservatorship in efforts to end it entirely, was first placed under a conservatorship after suffering a mental health crisis in 2008. On June 23, she spoke out in court about how unhappy she was under the arrangement, and alleged she cannot drive her own car, get married, or even remove her IUD — despite working consistently. At the time, the pop star said she wanted to have the right to sue her family, who she believes took advantage of her situation. In a July hearing, she also accused her father, who controls her estate, of “abuse.”

In addition to claiming there is no reason for him to exit the controversial arrangement, Jamie alleges that Britney's current personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, was concerned about the “…Baby, One More Time” singer’s mental health, and came to him for aid.

Court documents filed on August 6 by Jamie alleges that Montgomery — who is the custodian of her personal and medical life — called him on July 9 “very distraught” over Britney’s “recent behavior and overall mental health.”

Jamie added, “After Ms. Montgomery shared her detailed concerns about my daughter's recent behavior, safety, and overall health, she raised potential options including a 5150 psychiatric hold, which raised my concerns.”

However, Montgomery is denying the details of the call.

Laurieann Wright, an attorney for Montgomery, told Variety, “Ms. Montgomery does have concerns about Ms. Spears’ ‘recent behavior and overall mental health,’ as set forth in Jamie Spears’ Declaration dated August 6, 2021. Due to medical privacy, Ms. Montgomery cannot go into those concerns with any further detail except to say that having her father Jamie Spears continuing to serve as her Conservator instead of a neutral professional fiduciary is having a serious impact on Ms. Spears’ mental health.”

She continued, “At no time did Ms. Montgomery express to Mr. Spears that Ms. Spears would currently qualify for such a hold. The concern that Ms. Montgomery did raise to Mr. Spears during their telephone call is that forcing Ms. Spears to take the stand to testify or to have her evaluated would move the needle in the wrong direction for her mental health.”

As the legal battle rages on, things are looking up for Britney. The Crossroads star was recently granted the opportunity to hire a new attorney of her choosing, who is now attempting to remove Jamie as conservator.

Just this week, she received her first-ever iPad, explaining on Instagram, “I got my first iPad today… I came in the kitchen, I saw something I ordered and it is a freakin' new iPad! I am so excited! My kids have owned one. I've never owned one. This is just a groundbreaking day."

It’s unclear if the iPad has internet access.

“I feel like my life is changing as we speak," Britney added. "And I'm so excited. Upward bound! Yes!”

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