Daredevil runs along the TOP of 23-story West Street Building

Don’t slip! Daredevil runs along the TOP of 23-story West Street Building and sneaks into an open window in NYC’s financial district

  • An unidentified man was captured on video running across the roof of the 23-story West Street Building – just moments before he was seen taking a phone call
  • He is seen jumping from awning to awning before entering the building through an apartment window
  • Security at the building across the street remained unaware of what happened, according to the man who took the video

The wind and rain wasn’t enough to stop one man captured on film from running across the roof of a downtown Manhattan building.

An unidentified man, dressed in a suit and wearing dress shoes, is seen on top of the 23-story West Street Building, located across the street from the National September 11 Memorial.

One video shows the man walking around a corner awning and taking photos. He then stops to take a phone call while pacing back and forth.

Once he finished his phone call, the man starts to run across the roof’s awnings until he approaches one apartment window, which he then enters the building through.

Captured by Erik Ljung from a top floor at the adjacent 200 Liberty Street building, the man is seen blurred out by the rain as his clothes flap against the wind.

The Gothic-style building, built in 1907 and renovated in 2003, is measured at just over 324 feet tall. 


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Pictured: A man is seen on video walking on the roof of the 23-story West Street Building

The man walks around the corner of the building and takes photos

He returns to the corner as he holds a phone call

Then, after hanging up, the man begins to run up one of the building’s awnings

‘Been getting a lot of questions,’ the caption reads. ‘I have no idea what the dude was doing.’

In two separate Reddit posts, which circulated the video, Ljung provided context leading up to him taking the video.

‘(I) have no idea what was going on here,’ he wrote. ‘This morning the security in the building I’m working out of said it was being shared all over their Slack channel, however they also don’t have a clue what was going on.’

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