'Despicable' Grinch steals wreaths and illuminated festive reindeer

The Grinch who stole Christmas: ‘Despicable’ thief steals wreaths and illuminated festive reindeer from villagers’ front doors and gardens

  • The spree began as a ‘callous’ man crept into a Kent village early in the morning
  • CCTV captured a white Volkswagen Golf before he stole door decorations
  • An attempted theft also damage an owner’s wall 
  • Police said decorations need securing and CCTV switched-on

A Grinch has tried to steal Christmas as part of a spree in a Kent village that included the theft of illuminated reindeer and wreaths. 

Police received multiple reports of thefts from front doors and gardens in the early hours.   

One attempted theft of a wreath also damaged a wall before the man fled. 

Three reindeers were also stolen from a front garden in Hoo, Main Road at around 3.15 am by the Grinch. 

Kent Police have warned people to secure their decorations and switch-on CCTV. 

Three illuminated reindeers were stolen from a front garden in Main Road, Hoo, Kent (file image)

 Kent Police said decorations need securing and CCTV switched-on (file image)

Two Christmas wreaths were stolen in Kent and another attempt was made on the festive decoration (file image)

At 3.40am on December 10, a white Volkswagen Golf was seen driving near a house in Braeburn Drive. 

A man then stole a Christmas wreath from the front door.  

Another attempt on a festive wreath was not successful in the same road around the same time.   

He was unable to take the wreath but caused damage to the owner’s wall before he fled.  

Another wreath was stolen at 6.08am from an Oak Lane front door in Upchurch, Sittingbourne. 

Kent Police advised people to secure their Christmas decorations (file image)

Kent PC Sam Mackey said stealing Christmas decorations is  ‘despicable’ (file image)

Kent PC Sam Mackey, the investigating officer said: “Theft is a callous crime but to steal Christmas decorations from people’s front gardens is despicable.

“Theft, of any type, can leave a lasting impact on victims.

“I would remind people to ensure any decorations are secured as well as possible, and to ensure CCTV is switched on and digital doorbells kept charged.”

Multiple reports of thefts were made to police on December 10 in the village of Hoo, Kent (file image)

A door was damaged in one of the wreath theft attempts (file image)

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