Driver's distress after underwear photographed by mobile phone camera

Female driver’s distress after she discovered a highly personal detail was captured in high-tech traffic camera image

  • Woman’s underwear photographed by phone camera
  • Cinzia Lee fighting for privacy review in Service NSW 

A woman caught using her phone while driving has received a shock after discovering the mobile phone camera took a photo of her underwear.

While admitting she was in the wrong for using her phone, Cinzie Lee stated that Service NSW must review their privacy policy as an unknown amount of people have now seen the image.

Since seeing the picture, Ms Lee wants to ensure the unfortunate experience doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Female motorist Cinzia Lee (pictured), has been left shocked after her underwear was photographed by a mobile phone camera and seen by an unknown amount of people

In an interview with Ben Fordham on 2GB, Ms Lee stated that once she saw the image she felt ‘shock and distress’.

‘You could see up my skirt, between my legs. You could see my underwear,’ she said.

‘You could see the phone, and right next to the phone there was my underwear.’

She decided to approach Service NSW to try and rectify the image.

‘I got a written letter back (from Service NSW) that basically ignored everything that I’d said, except to say someone in the office does look at the photos,’ she said.

‘I felt that wasn’t an acceptable response.’

NSW Minister for Roads Natalie Ward confirmed to the broadcaster that a review will take place as a result of Ms Lee’s experience. 

‘I understand the distress and I have asked Transport for NSW to review protocols for the handling of sensitive images,’ she said.

Ms Lee got off the fine because of a stellar driving record, however was also told that ruling on the privacy of the image was not the role of the court at that time.

Ms Lee was even sent blown-up versions of the photos, increasing her distress. 

‘In those documents they had actually blown up the photos. They zoomed in on my crotch,’ she said.

NSW Minister for Roads Natalie Ward told 2GB that a review is coming into the privacy protocols for the handling of sensitive images

‘It feels a bit like David versus Goliath because you have no control over who sees those photos,’ Ms Lee said.

‘As I try to give a voice to this it potentially means more people are seeing it, it’s just a really awful, awful feeling.

‘There has to be a review for sure, my message would be: please listen, this is happening… probably happening more than we understand.’ 

Ms Lee is not the first to object to images captured by the high-tech cameras, primarily designed to catch drivers using mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts. 

One mother caught by a traffic camera on the Princes Highway in Sydney’s south said the image captured to suggest she was on her mobile phone while driving in fact showed her daughter’s toy.

The toy in question was a ‘Bluey’ themed child’s phone that features characters from the popular children’s television series and let’s children talk to characters Bluey and Bingo.

Transport for NSW says any member of the public who has questions about an infringement notice can request Revenue NSW to review their case.

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