How long did the Montgomery bus boycott last?

THE Montgomery bus boycott was a civil rights protest against the policy of racial segregation on public transport in Montgomery, Alabama.

It was one of the major events in America's civil rights movement.

How long did the Montgomery bus boycott last?

The boycott went on for more than a year.

It started on December 5, 1955, after Rosa Parks was arrestedfor refusing to give up her seat to a white person.

It wasn't until December 20, 1956, that the boycott ended when the federal ruling of Browder v Gayle took effect.

This led to a decision from the US Supreme Court that stated that the Alabama and Montgomery laws that segregated buses were unconstitutional.

Who participated in the Montgomery bus boycott?

MLK was the brains behind the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which was organized after Rosa Parks was jailed for taking a stand against segregation.

She had violated the Alabama city’s racial segregation laws at the time.

During the civil rights campaign, African-Americans refused to ride city buses in Montgomery, Alabama, in protest against segregated seating.

When is Martin Luther King Day and why is it celebrated?

MLK Day is celebrated on the third Monday of January every year.

This year, it is on Monday, January 18.

The federal holiday offers Americans a chance to remember the civil rights leader for the tremendous strides he took in advancing civil liberties for all Americans.

Dr. King’s birthday is on January 15 so the holiday sometimes lands that day depending on the calendar.

However, the latest date the holiday can be celebrated is January 21.

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