I can't get a job because of my tattoos but I'm still trying for baby number eight | The Sun

AN INK addict mum has revealed she can't get a job because of her tattoos but said she's still trying to have baby number eight.

Melissa Sloan, from Wales, said she has struggled to land a job for more two decades.

The mum-of-seven has been dubbed Britain's most tattooed woman – with more than 800 colourful tattoos all over her face and body.

Ms Sloan, from Knighton, said employers have been refusing to hire her since she began to plaster her skin with marks.

She told The Daily Star: "I haven't worked, I'm not proud of saying it but I haven't worked for 20 years."

Despite being jobless, the stay-at-home mum has now decided to try to have an eight baby with her partner Luke.

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She said: "I’m trying for another baby. I told the nurse this the other day and she was shocked, her eyes popped out!"

"See I haven’t had sex for three years but my kids keep asking for a brother or sister."

But the 46-year-old fears her mature age might pose a risk to her future pregnancy.

"At my age it’s a bit scary and if I do it now, get it out the way and have it when I’m 47.

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"It’s baby number eight now but you can have complications with everything. You’ve just go to think positive," she added.

Melissa said her potential child won't be able to see the real face behind the ink – but it doesn't faze her.

She claimed her other two youngest kids have never been afraid of their mum and the new one will have to accept her for who she is.

"The baby will never see my face but it will get used to it when it’s growing up, this is who I am," she said.

Melissa got her first tattoo in her 20s – and hasn't stop ever since.

She has amassed hundreds across her face and body, including England flags, love hearts and an image of the notorious Kray twins.

But people are not impressed, and often slam her for her looks.

"I have applied for jobs and they look at me going out and say, what is this? Like I'm not a human being," she fumed.

The ink-addict said she wants to prove people wrong and fulfil her dream of becoming a solicitor.

"I would love a job and prove them all wrong because all the time they keep saying to me no one will give you a job.

"I'd love to be a solicitor. A solicitor in crime because I've always been in trouble with the police and, myself. And I think I could do that job," she added.

Melissa previously revealed she uses tattoos as therapy to cope with years harrowing sex abuse at the hands of her half-brother.

She reported the abuse to police in 2012 after Gavin Sloan tried to weave his way back into her life and allegedly made sick sexual demands.

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But the stay-at-home mum's case was dropped when she decided not to pursue the allegation.

The predator was finally jailed for 21 years for rape and sexually assault offences against children.

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