Indiana woman kills 'boyfriend after tracking him with Apple Airtag

Girlfriend, 26, ‘kills cheating boyfriend by running over him THREE TIMES with her car’ after tracking him to a bar using Apple AirTag and finding him with another woman

  • Gaylyn Morris, 26, was arrested after the attack in Indianapolis Thursday night
  • Followed her boyfriend, Andre Smith, 26, to Tilly’s Pub with a GPS and an AirTag
  • She saw him with another woman and allegedly ran over Smith with her car
  • Morris was preliminarily charged with murder and is still held in custody 

A woman in Indiana allegedly tracked down her boyfriend at a bar with an Apple AirTag and killed him by ramming him over three times with her car after she saw him with another woman.

Gaylyn Morris, 26, allegedly hit her boyfriend Andre Smith, also 26, with her vehicle around 12:30 a.m. on June 3 in the parking lot of an Indianapolis pub called Tilly’s.

‘Officers arrived and located Mr. Smith laying on the ground underneath a vehicle,’ Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said in a news release. ‘It appeared he was struck by the vehicle. Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) Engine Company 6 responded and unfortunately pronounced the Mr. Smith deceased at the scene.’

A witness said Morris had told her about how she tracked down Smith with an AirTag, according to a probable cause affidavit for Morris’ arrest.

She also allegedly said she was in a relationship with victim and thought he was cheating on her with another woman, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Andre Smith (pictured), 26, was struck by his girlfriend’s car three times in Indianapolis after she allegedly tracked him down using an Apple AirTag on Thursday night. Gaylyn Morris, also 26 and the victim’s girlfriend, was arrested later in the same night

Police took Morris into custody after she allegedly ran her boyfriend over in the parking lot of Tilly’s Pub (pictured)

After arriving at Tilly’s, Morris allegedly grabbed an empty wine bottle and swung it at the other woman. The bottle did not hit her because Smith intervened and caught it.

Moments later, the three of them were asked to leave by staff. 

A witness later shared with police that she was at a bar when she saw Morris pulling forward and clipping Smith with her car in the parking lot.

‘And he went down, at which time… [Morris] then backed over him and then pulled forward and hit him for the third time,’ the probable cause affidavit states.

Morris then allegedly attempted to run after the woman after exiting her vehicle but police intervened and placed her under arrest. The woman that had initially been at the pub with Smith was not harmed in the incident.

As of Sunday night, Morris is being held behind bars in the Marion County Jail and was preliminarily charged with murder, according to online jail records.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will assess the charges and whether any additional ones are to be filed, local authorities said. 

The suspect is scheduled to appear in court for the first time on Tuesday, according to Law and Crime.  

Staff at Tilly’s had asked Smith, Morris and the other woman to exit the pub after Morris swung a bottle of wine

Morris used an AirTag to track her boyfriend down after she was suspicious of him cheating on her

Apple AirTags are coin-sized devices that can be attached to keys, backpacks, purses and other items to help people track them down via iPhone if they’re misplaced. 

The $30 device is also being used by stalkers to track people. At the time of its release in April 2021, Apple told consumers not to worry as AirTags were designed to prohibit ‘unwarranted tracking’ by alerting a nearby iPhone when an AirTag has been separated from its user. For example, if someone was to place an AirTag on a car but not get in the car, then the driver of the vehicle should be alerted that there is an AirTag nearby or moving with them.

The AirTag should then begin to play a sound to let people nearby know its location. In contrast, some users reported that the alert and sound can take hours or even days to be sent out and are even able to be turned off.

The location of the AirTag is also sent to the user’s iCloud – where it can be seen on a map, according to Apple’s website. Using the ‘Find My’ app, the system provides its owner with step-by-step directions to locate the tag before finally collecting it.

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