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GLITZY photos show the self-styled King of Instagram's stunning superyacht parties packed with models and magnums of champagne.

Party-loving Dan Bilzerian is known for flaunting his playboy lifestyle of private jets and endless bikini girls on Instagram.

It's understood Dan coughs up thousands to rent the yachts to host lavish parties.

Bilzerian, 42, is certainly not shy of showing off his wealth – sometimes literally with pictures of huge wads of banknotes.

His infamous Instagram feed is filled with pictures of fast cars, yachts, luxurious mansions in Vegas and LA, and lots of guns.

And he is always surrounded by a bevy of sexy models wearing bikinis or nothing at all.

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Images show the scantily-clad women snuggled up to Dan as they sunbathe and party on the yachts.

One picture Dan shared landed him in hot water when he a posted a shot of him using a topless model as a table to mark International Women's Day.

Another time he flung porn star Janice Griffith, 18, off the roof of his Los Angeles home, aiming for the pool.

But she broke her foot on the concrete ground and sued him.

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The idiotic stunt only helped Bilzerian win tens of millions of followers and become the original king of the influencers.

Fans were amazed when he revealed his wild spending habits on a tour of his Las Vegas party mansion in 2017.

Besides gold condoms and guns on the bedside table, Dan showed off a $40,000 suit that he had never worn.

And in the garage was a 1965 Shelby Cobra worth $1.8million which he hadn't driven for three years.

His hedonistic full-throttle lifestyle saw him have two heart attacks by the age of 35, he claims.

At one point his fame led to rumours he was planning to run for US president.

The source of his free-flowing cash has always been harder to establish.

Bilzerian claims he made a large chunk of his fortune – claimed to be up to $200million – as a professional poker player.

He said he started gambling seriously at college after being thrown out of Navy SEALs training for fighting with an officer.

Although he has rarely appeared at top tournaments, he claims he struck it rich at private games with billionaires.

And he has also used his internet fame to launch a business selling CBD oil and vaping products, called Ignite.

The Sun was invited to his UK launch party – when he hired out an entire London hotel at a cost of £500,000.

Dan flew in a gaggle of leggy Instagram models by private jet for the glitzy bash in 2019.

However the company's finances have proved as controversial as his own.

In 2020 Bilzerian was sued by Ignite vice-president Curtis Heffernan, who accused him of using the firm to fund his luxury lifestyle.

He claimed he was fired for refusing to sign off extravagant expenses including an $18,000 bar tab and a $15,000 ping pong table.

Other expenditure cited in legal papers included a $75,000 paintball field, $40,000 on a rock climbing wall, $60,000 on a Star Wars gun set, $31,000 on pool renovations, and $50,000 on a bed frame.

The company was also paying the eye-watering $200,000 a month rent on Bilzerian's mansion in Bel Air, it was claimed.

The boss reportedly said he needed it to host pool parties and marketing events.

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Yacht rental, private jet travel with models and a $130,000 photo shoot in the Bahamas were also allegedly charged to the firm.

And it paid $26,000 on promotions to get Bilzerian more Instagram followers, the lawsuit claims.

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