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A MAJOR update in the murder case of a pregnant woman bludgeoned to death has been revealed.

Beau Rothwell, 31, was found guilty back in April of first-degree murder in the death of his 28-year-old wife, Jennifer Rothwell, who was six weeks pregnant. 

On Friday, Rothwell was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

During his sentencing hearing, Rothwell apologized to Jennifer’s family and said he thinks about her “every single day.”

However, he would later tell the judge that he planned to appeal the sentence after it was handed down, reported the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

During the trial, Rothwell took the stand and admitted that he beat his wife to death with a mallet in their Missouri home back in November 2019.


Heartbreaking Google search of pregnant wife beaten to death by husband revealed

Husband’s chilling messages to mistress before killing his wife revealed

He also owned up to dumping her body in the woods and taking several steps to try to cover up the murder, including cleaning the scene of the crime and joining searches for Jennifer.

However, he claimed he killed Jennifer in a "red haze" of rage during an argument over an affair he was having, and unsuccessfully sought a manslaughter conviction instead of premeditated murder.

“In the heat of everything, I hit her again,” Rothwell told the jury, as reported by the Post-Dispatch. “I believe I cracked her skull, she fell unconscious and fell down the stairs.”

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Jennifer's naked body was found about 45 miles away from her home.

Before she went missing, Jennifer had searched on the internet “what to do if your husband is upset you are pregnant” on her cellphone, said police.


It was also revealed that Rothwell had made a pros and cons list about his affair before killing his wife.

Among the list's pros were:  "better sex life," "more respect," and "fresh start." as pros.

The cons included: "half my assets/money," "trust is shaken/tainted," "my family disappointment," and "take on her kid with his probs."

Rothwell claimed during his trial, however, that the fatal argument was not over Jennifer's pregnancy, which he was happy about, but over his affair.

He said Jennifer insisted on knowing who Rothwell was having an affair with, and when he refused to reveal her identity, Jennifer said her pregnancy was the result of an affair with another man.

Rothwell's mistress came forward after seeing news reports that Jennifer was missing and showed cops messages between them.

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One Facebook message said: “Part of me wants this pregnancy to not work out.”

Another read: “If there is a miscarriage or something I’ll leave her after that and be with you.”

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