Moment evil mum sobs fake tears as she’s arrested for murder of baby son who died after being fed his own vomit | The Sun

THIS is the chilling moment a mum cried crocodile tears as she was arrested for murdering her ten-month-old son.

Jacob Crouch was subjected to a "culture of cruelty" before his brutal death at the hands of Gemma Barton's partner Craig Crouch.

The baby suffered at least 39 rib fractures after he was kicked or stamped on so severely it caused a tear in his stomach and bowel.

Little Jacob died "in his cot alone" at home in Linton, Derbyshire, and would have been in immense pain developing an infection in his organs.

Footage has now been released of the moment both Barton and Crouch were arrested.

It came as Barton was today found guilty of causing or allowing a child to die and two counts of child cruelty, while Crouch was convicted of murder.

The evil mum can be seen crying fake tears as she is hauled away by police.

Barton whines: "I didn't do anything, I've not done anything" as the officers tell her she is being arrested on suspicion of murder.

She also begs police "please don't" as they put handcuffs on her before shrilly crying again.

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The mum then moans again: "I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything".

She can still be heard downstairs shrieking as officers go to arrest Crouch, who appears much calmer.

The stepdad tells police "you won't need them, I'll come with you" while being handcuffed before the video cuts out.

Derbyshire Crown Court heard how Jacob's short life was filled with misery and pain after his mum met Crouch while she was four months pregnant.


In chilling text messages, the pair referred to the baby as "the devil" as they waged a cruel campaign of abuse against him.

Barton also branded her son a "little s**t" as Crouch told her to "smack his hand" if he started crying.

The killer added: "You need to be harder on him with this and not let this take over us. This will only get worse if not addressed now.

"Whether we like it or not if this continues our frustration and emotions will build and we will change towards one another."

In one message, Crouch asked Barton whether she had "put back what Jacob threw back down him" – referring to vomit – with the mum confirming she had.

The evil stepdad also threatened to leave Barton if the tot's behaviour did not improve and told the mum when she was bathing Jacob: "3 foot deep, just hot water and some bleach xxxx".

Crouch cruelly labelled this "banter" when later asked by police what he meant.

Emergency crews were scrambled to the home on December 30, 2020, where Jacob was found dead in his cot.


Paramedics estimated he had been dead for much longer than Barton and Crouch had claimed, with the baby displaying 19 visible bruises.

There were also 15 “separate incidents of bruising” alongside those medics saw on his face and chest.

A post mortem revealed he had suffered a “severe and significant blunt force trauma” to his abdomen that was likened to a high-speed car crash.

When arrested, the couple pinned the blame on each other and feigned ignorance when asked about Jacob's horrific injuries.

Mary Prior KC, prosecuting, said: "Our case is that these two parents created an environment in which they encouraged and applauded each other in their control and punishments of this little baby.

"Neither of them, in this very small house where no one could be alone, could have committed these offences without the knowledge and assistance of the other.

“Neither sought medical help for Jacob at any stage for the pain and suffering caused when his bones were broken or in the few days that followed."

Barton and Crouch both denied murder, causing or allowing the death of a child, causing a child to suffer serious physical harm and three counts of child cruelty.

They will be sentenced at a later date.

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