My nightmare neighbour calls the police every time I use my back garden – I need revenge | The Sun

A MAN is fed up with his nightmare neighbours who call the cops every time he uses his back garden – and he's on the hunt for revenge.

He took to social media to share his anger and seek advice on getting his own back.

He posted on Reddit's 'Neighbours from Hell' forum to complain, saying his neighbours make a noise complain every time he is in his garden – regardless of what he was doing.

He wrote: "I have a corner neighbour that everytime I'm in my backyard calls the police for a noise complaint.

"BBQ – noise complaint. Sitting by the fire pit – noise complaint. Smoking a cig – noise complaint. Going outside to play with the dog – noise complaint. Hot tub – noise complaint.

"This neighbour will wait for exactly for 10 pm and then call for a noise complaint. I've had cops come to my back fence at 10.05 before. I've tried talking to them and they won't talk to me and the cops always just say 'well keep it down'."

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He decided to use his online network to get his revenge.

He hunted for solutions, posting: "So I'm looking to this community for advice on how to deal with them or petty ways to get back at them."

Reddit users were quick to run to his aid, with many chiming in with their own ideas for revenge.

Some said the best way to get back at the neighbours was to try and prove they were harassing him.

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One commented: "Document each occurrence. Day, time, type of complaint, and police officer's names. Build a case for harassment."

Another suggested: "Go to the police station in person and tell them about the situation and that you are being harassed by your neighbour. Let the cops show up and ask them if they hear any noise? Oh you don't? Okay I'd like to make a harassment claim against them for abuse of emergency services. Get cameras if you don't have them already."

"Live your life", a third commented, adding: "The neighbour isn't going to stop because they suck. You can just continue to live, unbothered. I do feel bad for the neighbour, they live such a horrible and miserable life."

One Redditor suggested making friends with the cops, writing: "Lean in to it. When the cops show up, tell them a funny story about the dog, tell them to swing by when they are off duty for some BBQ, or just talk about your special interest.

"Be polite and charming, make the neighbours look like idiots without being an obnoxious a**hole yourself."

This situation is not the first time rows have happened between neighbours.

A man had their neighbour's car towed away because they kept parking on his driveway.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user in the same situation responded by blocking the offender in with her own vehicle.

Plus, this dad has blasted his neighbours for putting up a 6ft fence "an arm's length" from his front door to stop his son playing on land they are fighting over.

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