NPR blasted review of transgender author's novel that kills JK Rowling

Woke NPR is blasted over gushing review for controversial transgender author’s violent horror novel which depicts JK Rowling being burned alive at her home

  • A transgender writer has published a book which features JK Rowling’s death
  • Gretchen Felker-Martin’s book Manhunt features characters hunting TERFS 
  • TERFS are trans-exclusionary radical feminists, a term some call Miss Rowling 
  • The Harry Potter author has faced death threats for her views on trans issues 
  • NPR published a glowing review of the novel but it is now coming under fire 

NPR is coming under fire after it released a gushing review over a twisted horror novel written by a transgender author which gleefully depicts JK Rowling’s violent death in a fire.

Gretchen Felker-Martin’s novel, Manhunt, has sparked fury over scenes in which  ‘terfs’ (so-called trans-exclusionary radical feminists) including Rowling, meet grisly ends.

And now NPR – which has come under fire for its increasingly woke and biased content – has found itself in hot water over journalist Liam McBain’s favorable write-up. 

‘To be upfront, Manhunt is not for everyone,’  his review begins. ‘It is gory, and brutal, and sickened me more than any other horror novel I’ve read in recent memory. I am sure it will challenge many trans readers (like myself) as much as it will challenge cis readers. I mean all this as a sincere compliment to Felker-Martin’s work.

‘Manhunt is a paragon of body horror, and its numerous sex scenes are no exception. The prose is simultaneously erotic and gruesome. Felker-Martin writes into dissociation and the dysphoric insecurities of her characters,’ McBain explains. 

Felker-Martin’s novel Manhunt exacts a deeply unpleasant fictional revenge and the death of Rowling crushed in a burned down Scottish castle lit by the hands of trans activists. But NPR’s review described the plot as ‘grounded’.

‘Even in places where it stretched the imagination, the book was grounded in the bodies of Felker-Martin’s protagonists and in the logistics of their survival,’ McBain wrote.

Liam McBain reviewed the book for NPR.  He stated it was ‘rare to read a horror novel that truly tests my limits in a (mostly) pleasurable way’

Gretchen Felker-Martin’s book Manhunt features characters hunting TERFS

‘Disgustingly rendered and brilliantly imagined, Manhunt was gripping as much as it was repulsive. It’s rare to read a horror novel that truly tests my limits in a (mostly) pleasurable way — and Manhunt delivers. It’s a challenge, and one I hope more readers take,’ NPR’s reviewer concludes.

Those reading the review appeared appalled that NPR would essentially endorse such prose, having frequently taken a tough stance on instances of transphobia.

‘Very normal for @NPR to praise a book where JK Rowling *checks notes* dies in an inferno,’ wrote Eliza Mondegreen. ‘All because Rowling wrote an entirely reasonable letter about concerns that anyone who has turned over a few rocks shares: why do we see such an explosion in teenage girls presenting with gender dysphoria?’ she continued.

‘By far, one of the worst books I’ve ever read and not even because of its writer’s clear mental illness, which NPR called brilliant. There are multiple reasons to spit on Manhunt. Doesn’t matter if you’re left or right,’ wrote Mehreen Kasana. 

‘What the effing hell?? …. NPR = Not Particularly Rational,’ tweeted Rico Reynolds.

‘NPR is now a propaganda machine,’ added another.

Manhunt – produced by an imprint of publishing giant Macmillan – has also been panned as ‘misogynistic bile’ from an ‘unhinged’ writer.   

Those reading the review appeared appalled that NPR would essentially endorse such prose

Rowling has faced a barrage of abuse in the past few years over her views on the trans debate, including death threats.

The Harry Potter author has been accused of being transphobic over her claims biological sex is real and that trans women should not be granted access to some women’s only-spaces. 

Characters hunt down and kill TERFs. 

TERF is shorthand for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminists’ — the highly derogatory term used by trans rights activists for anyone, but almost exclusively women — who insists that biological sex is real. 

The term has been used against Rowling in the past – and in the novel they are referred to in the novel as the ‘Knights of JK Rowling’. 

The book reads: ‘Have the new girls heard what happened to the Harry Potter lady?… Okay, so, first off she ended up being a crazy TERF, like, super intense.’

The author then explains how she took her ‘rich’ TERF friends to a castle in Scotland where one of the characters ‘flips in the middle of the night and starts ripping into the other guests before someone knocks over a lamp or something’ leaving people to ‘burn alive’ before ‘finally the whole castle collapsed’.

The TERFs also use a war ship called the Galbraith, a reference to Miss Rowling’s pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

Manhunt is published by Tor Nightfire, an offshoot of Macmillan which claims to publish fiction that ‘unsettles and delights’. It is available as a paperback or ebook on Amazon.  

A transgender author has written a book which features JK Rowling burning to death, the Harry Potter writer has been criticized by the trans community for her views on transgender issues

Felker-Martin has tweeted frequently about Miss Rowling’s death in the novel.

One tweet read: ‘If you’re sick of gender plague novels written by transphobic dip****s, try my novel MANHUNT, written by a trans woman for a trans audience. Trans dykes fall in love and f*** and murder TERFs, feral men maraud in the wilderness, J.K. Rowling dies, etc.’   

Some are calling for the book to be banned with some questioning Amazon’s to allow the work to be sold.

Trans activists have been lashed as hypocrites for celebrating the publication of Manhunt while calling for other books by gender critical journalists including Helen Joyce and Abigail Shrier to be banned.  

In reviews on the online store, one critic wrote: ‘I cannot for the life of me understand why Amazon is selling bile like this.’

Another said: ‘This book is abuse of women and nothing more. A porn fantasy written by a misogynist.’

And a third wrote: ‘I have no idea how this even got published. The existence of this book proves once again that misogyny is alright as long as you identify as a member of a certain group.

‘If you want to read a messed-up individual’s unhinged violent sexual fantasies against women then this is the book for you!’

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