Sky Pool costs residents £450 a day to heat… but it’s too cold to use

A SHOWPIECE swimming pool in the sky is too cold to use — despite it costing £450 a day to heat.

The transparent Sky Pool, suspended 13 floors above the ground between two luxury blocks of flats, is so chilly only a handful of people a day are brave enough to take a dip.

It is supposed to be enclosed at night to make it usable in the winter — but the cover is broken.

Now, those living in the swanky flats, which cost up to £4.5million, want it shut to save on the £164,250 annual heating costs.

One couple who live in the development told The Sun: “It is too cold to be used at the moment so it seems mad that we’re still having to pay to heat it.

“If it’s £450 a day and, at most, five people are using it, that’s £90 per swim. That hardly seems like value for money.”

The 25m pool attracted international attention when it opened this year at the Embassy Gardens development, next to the US Embassy in Nine Elms, South London.

Residents foot the bill for the pool through service charges of up to £9,000 a year for a two-bed flat. There is a separate indoor pool.

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But at its next meeting, the residents’ association will reportedly be pushing for the Sky Pool to be shut in the winter to save money.

The water is said to be so cold it is possible to swim for a few minutes only — while the pool is advertised as a year-round facility and staffed by two people.

One resident said: “We’re livid. The outside temperature has obviously dropped, but the Sky Pool is still open to residents and currently uncovered. We’re basically heating the sky.”

Others say they are steering clear because of Covid fears.

Ballymore, the site’s developer, said: “Embassy Gardens provides residents with a range of luxury amenities, while keeping service charges markedly lower than at comparable developments elsewhere in the Nine Elms area.”

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