T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach will depart 'GMA3' amid romance: sources

After being yanked off the air nearly two months ago, it doesn't sound like T.J. Holmes or Amy Robach will be returning to GMA3. Sources tell Yahoo Entertainment that ABC News is ready to sever ties with the anchors amid their headline-making romance.

"It's not official, but it's trending that way," one insider explains, calling Thursday's mediation "contentious at times." A second source said talks are still ongoing, but believes an announcement is "imminent."

TMZ, which first reported on their departure, cites network sources who claim Holmes and Robach will receive payouts per their contracts. ABC reportedly accused both journalists of various forms of misconduct to justify the firings.

Robach was allegedly accused of having liquor bottles in her dressing room, a violation of company policy, which an insider called "ridiculous" as some were sent to her from top network executives. She was also accused of showing up to work drunk after attending last year's College Football National Championship, which a source close to the reporter called "insane" and claimed she was just tired.

ABC purportedly claimed in the mediation that Robach and Holmes did not handle their office romance appropriately and that they made some staffers uncomfortable, per TMZ. One insider called the whole thing a "witch hunt."

A rep for ABC News did not immediately respond to Yahoo's request for comment. Neither did lawyers for Robach or Holmes.

It's a huge pivot as it seemed like ABC was standing by Robach and Holmes after their romance was revealed in the press. The journalists co-anchored GMA3 for two days and ABC News President Kim Godwin told employees the consensual relationship was "not a violation of company policy." But Robach and Holmes were pulled off the air on Dec. 5 and an internal review was launched. Godwin called the pair's romance a distraction and said the two would be sidelined as the network worked "through what's best."

As for Holmes and Robach, they are not letting the drama come between them. They are still together and going strong, sources tell Yahoo.

Robach and Holmes took over the anchor desk at GMA3: What You Need to Know in September 2020. Their relationship turned romantic last year, although exactly when is unclear. Both were married to other people, but separated from their spouses in August.

Holmes officially filed for divorce from Marilee Fiebig in December after 10 years of marriage. Robach's been married to actor Andrew Shue for a decade. Both Fiebig and Shue were supposedly blindsided by the romance.

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