Teacher out of job after video of anti-Trump, left-wing rant in class released: 'I'm deeply disturbed'

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A Utah chemistry teacher is out of a job following a viral video showing her telling a high school class, “I hate Donald Trump” at the start of the new school year. 

“I hate Donald Trump. I’m gonna say it. I don’t care what y’all think. Trump sucks,” the former Lehi High School teacher told her class on Tuesday, according to a video that has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

The teacher was identified as Leah Kinyon, according to Fox 13, which spoke to a mother of one of the students in the class. 

At least one student pushed back on Kinyon in the video, asking her why she hates the former president. 

“He’s a sexual predator,” she responded. “He’s a literal moron.”

Another student is also heard saying, “This is a chemistry class.”

“Go tattle on me to the freakin’ admin. They don’t give a crap,” she responded to that student. 

“This is my classroom and if you guys are going to put me at risk, you’re going to hear about it,” Kinyon continued in the video, referring to the coronavirus, “Because I have to be here, I don’t have to be happy about the fact that there’s kids coming in here with their variants that could possibly get me or my family sick, that’s rude.” 

“I would be super proud of you if you chose to get the vaccine,” Kinyon added. “We’ll just keep getting variants over and over until people get vaccinated … It could end in five seconds if people would get vaccinated.”

Kinyon was immediately placed on administrative leave after the video surfaced, and the Alpine School District launched an investigation. The district said in a later statement that the teacher is no longer an employee of the district. 

“We (Alpine School District) have concluded our investigation of the incident that occurred on August 17, 2021 at Lehi High School. Although the details of a personnel investigation are confidential, the teacher involved is no longer an employee of Alpine School District,” district spokesman David Stephenson told Fox News on Thursday. 

He did not clarify to Fox News whether Kinyon resigned from her position or was fired. 

“This behavior is inappropriate, not reflective of the professional conduct and decorum we expect of our teachers, and will not be tolerated,” Stephenson added in comments to the Salt Lake Tribune. 

Kinyon also touched on climate change and LGBT issues in the video.

“That’s pathetic that you think that,” she told one student while discussing climate change. “You’re the problem with the world.”

She added at another point: “If I hear you say a damn word about them [members of the LGBT community], I will open a can, and I will make your life a living hell. And they know it. If you say shiz to any LGBTQ kid in this school, I will hear about it and you will be in trouble.” 

The video has attracted backlash from some, including from Utah state Sen. Todd Weiler and a mother of one of the students in the class. 

“I believe we have many outstanding teachers in Utah. I was very sad to see this very unprofessional conduct in the classroom from the first day of school today in Lehi. The teacher has been placed on suspension. #utpol #uted,” he posted to Twitter on Tuesday. 

“I’m deeply disturbed,” mother Judy Storms said of her son’s former teacher. “We’re finding out this a pattern by the teacher and if this is a pattern and people have complained over the years, why has something not been done?”

“An adult bullying a minor — that’s illegal, and because she took it that far, I really think she should be dismissed,” Storms said.

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