Tucker Carlson says Dems will turn on each other with 'feral ferocity' when Trump leaves office

TUCKER Carlson predicts Democrats will turn on each other with "feral ferocity" as soon as Donald Trump is out of the White House.

The Fox News pundit says Dems have been united in opposition to their bogeyman – but that will end when he is no longer president next week.

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And he claims the party's need to keep talking about Trump is the real reason they pushed for impeachment with just days left of Trump's term in office.

He told viewers: "The chaos of an impeachment trial is hardly the peaceful and orderly transition of power both parties assure you they want.

"So why are they doing this? The first and most obvious reason is to make Republicans weaker.

"But there's another thing: Democrats need to keep talking about Donald Trump, next week and for ever, if they're going to keep their own party together."

Carlson went on: "Many Democrats have nothing in common with each other.

"Once Donald Trump leaves the scene and it's time to divvy up the spoils of the United States Treasury to begin the great piñata party of 2021, various components within the Democratic Party — the fabled communities you hear so much about — will turn on each other with feral ferocity.

"It's going to be ugly.

"Democrats would like to delay that disaster as long as they can, so they need to keep Donald Trump at the center of the conversation.

"They're impeaching him so they can continue to give speeches about him. It's that simple."

Carlson also slammed the ten Republican "dummies" who backed the impeachment motion yesterday.

Far from helping the GOP in the long run, he warned, "in fact it will enhance Donald Trump among Republican voters".

He added: "At no point does it seem to have occurred to McConnell or any of the geniuses clustered around him that what is really at stake right now is not the future of Donald Trump, but the future of his voters, tens of millions of them, who in the space of the last seven days have seen themselves recast as domestic terrorists."

Carlson, a leading Trump cheerleader for years, fiercely criticised Republicans for not supporting efforts to challenge the "rigged" election.

But last week the Fox anchor finally admitted Trump has reached the end of his "shelf life" following the mayhem in Washington.

Trump was impeached for the second time yesterday after he was accused of inciting the mob who stormed the Capitol on January 6.


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