Wet and wild! Escaped cow set for slaughter in Brazil rides WATERSLIDE

Wet and wild! Cow escapes from slaughterhouse and rides a WATERSLIDE to freedom into water park next door

  • A 700-pound cow escaped from a cattle ranch 500 miles west of Rio de Janiero
  • The animal was destined for slaughter but made it to an open air swimming pool 
  • The bovine was filmed trotting down a water slide which held fast under weight
  • It has been renamed Tobogã which means ‘slide’ in Portugese and kept as a pet

A cow’s bolt for freedom in Brazil has won hearts after a video of it trotting down a waterslide was shared online.

The 700-pound bovine, destined for slaughter on a cattle ranch 500 miles west of Rio de Janeiro, managed to escape to a nearby open air swimming pool.

Once there, the cow was transfixed by a water slide and slowly plodded its way down the winding path to the pool below, the New York Post reports. 

Incredibly, the slide – designed to hold just 450 pounds – did not buckle under the animal’s enormous weight.


The cow has since been named Tobogã, which means ‘slide’ in Portuguese.

It has also earned itself a reprieve and has been taken in as a family pet by the pool’s owner, according to IHeartRadio. 

It is not the first time cattle have made waves after staging daring escapades. In June, three dozen cows bolted from a slaughterhouse and stampeded through Pico Rivera in California.

In another recorded incident, these cows decide to turn into somebody’s backyard after they bolted from a slaughterhouse and stampeded through Pico Rivera in California

 A video posted on social media showed the cows appearing to follow traffic laws and trotting on the right side of the street, before ducking into someone’s backyard. 

Residents were also filmed trying to herd one of the cows, which started bucking and knocked one man to the ground.

The herd eventually lost steam and began grazing on people’s lawns in a cul-de-sac, where local law enforcement tried to wrangle them before the group split up and tried to flee again.

By 10pm that evening, most of the cattle had been herded on to two trailers although a number of them remained at large. 

‘I am not a vegetarian, but fortitude and the will to fight for this cow’s life is invaluable’: Local politician Pawel Kukiz praised the ‘fortitude’ of a runaway cow (pictured) in Poland in 2018 with this image on Facebook

And in 2018, a red limousin beef cow gained celebrity status in Poland after escaping from a ranch on the way to a slaughterhouse by charging at a metal fence and breaking a farm worker’s arm. 

She swam to a deserted island on Lake Nysa in southern Poland and repeatedly evaded searchers by swimming between islands, keeping 70 metres ahead of her pursuers. 

But the cow’s valiant bid for liberty came to an end after she was finally captured. Sadly, she died while being transported back to her farm in a lorry.


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