54 Beauty Brands Taking a Stand Against Anti-Abortion Laws

54 Beauty Brands Taking a Stand Against Anti-Abortion Laws

As the right to an abortion and comprehensive reproductive healthcare seems poised to be severely restricted, several beauty brands are coming together to take a stand. Today, over 50 beauty and wellness brands are joining forces with Don’t Ban Equality, the largest network of businesses supporting reproductive rights, in support of comprehensive health care, including abortion.

Created in 2019, the “Don’t Ban Equality” initiative includes hundreds of companies who stand together against policies that limit people’s independence and their ability to make their own personal health decisions. As Roe v. Wade is threatened once more, these beauty companies are making their stances clear by signing on to “Don’t Ban Equality”‘s public statement which states: “there is no equality without access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.”

“With the impending decision of the Supreme Court set to impact reproductive rights, it was imperative for us to pledge our support for Don’t Ban Equality,” says Kara Brothers, president and general manager of Starface. “Teens and young adults are a huge part of our demographic, and we are committed to creating a world where everyone feels safe and supported to make decisions surrounding their reproductive health.”

Read ahead for the full list of brands signing onto the initiative.

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