People are loving this TikTok hack for perfect face fake tan – but does it work?

When the weather feels Arctic, a sunkissed glow seems like a distant dream.

But fake tan fans will know that perfecting a bronzed look on your face is tough when you’re using sunshine from a bottle.

But fear not, because TikTok has gifted us with an easy hack that is so cost-effective, it’s free.

You don’t need to buy any new products. All you need is water and instant tan.

And it’s easy: simply mix one part tan and three parts water.

Next, use a dropper to apply some of your DIY drops on your face, distributing it evenly across your skin with a brush – just like you’d apply your foundation. Then once, it’s dry, you can apply makeup straight on top.

Ermmm what the hell?? Instant Tan Hack? ib @julianashiel #instanttan #tanninghacks #testingbeautythings

TikToker Amelia Olivia said after trying the hack: ‘Instant tan hack unlocked. I am over the moon. I just can’t stop looking at my face, it fully looks like I fake tanned last night! Definitely try this.’

Of course, we know that fake tan application can be fraught with error, so we spoke to Ridah Syed, Senior Medical Aesthetician at Skinfluencer London about how to give this tip your best shot.

Ridah said: ‘First of all, for any tanning product to look its best, ensure your skin is properly prepared by exfoliating it and also well hydrated by applying hyaluronic acid and moisturiser, if needed. 

‘For this particular hack to ensure the mixture applies evenly, I would recommend that you ensure the formulation of your fake tan is water rather than oil based so it mixes easily with the water. 

‘Also, if you want to use a tool such as a beauty blender or a brush to apply, make sure they are perfectly clean as otherwise they could transfer bacteria to your face, causing an infection and disrupting the skin barrier.

‘If you want to use your hands, make sure they are clean beforehand and wash them immediately after so they don’t stain.’

Still not convinced? Try out some of our top tanning picks for your face.

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Milk Makeup Bionic Bronzer £23

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