The power bob is the haircut trend you need to know

From the octopus to the butterfly, haircut trends have felt a bit… out there, recently.

If you’re not quite brave enough to rock a mixie or a bixie, never fear – there are far more classic, slightly less intimidating, haircuts that still feel very now.

Case in point: the power bob.

The power bob is not a new cut by any means. It’s simply a classic bob that’s all one length, and often parted down the middle.

But the style is now seeing a bit of a resurgence, tried by everyone from Nicole Sherzinger to Kaia Gerber.

We can see why. While the power bob doesn’t reinvent the wheel (or the scissors), it feels fresh after the move towards shaggier, mullet-esque, and long, flowing looks.

And, as the name suggests, it’s powerful.

The power bob declares to the world that you mean business. It’s a simple, sleek look that’s free of fuss, acting as a simple frame for your face and a way to smarten up whatever you’re wearing.

Don’t worry, though – it doesn’t veer into stuffiness. Worn super straight and smooth, it’s got a high-end edge, but it looks just as great in mussed-up curls for when you’ve got your metaphorical party hat on.

Nick Willis, master stylist from Charles Worthington, tells ‘The “Power Bob” gives the wearer power!

‘It’s a chic, classic, one-length, blunt cut, which has exquisite movement when styled smooth.

‘This bob is a true classic, stemming from the early 1920’s, and one hundred years later, it still looks absolutely divine!

‘This is one of my absolute favourite haircuts because it requires expert precision.’

Who can try the power bob? Nearly everyone.

If you’re keen for the classic, super smooth look, you’ll need hair that’s naturally straight, relaxed, or that holds its styled shape without any bend or frizz.

Curly types can embrace the all-one-length cut too, of course, but it’ll look a little different to the standard power style. Be realistic about how your hair behaves, and if it tends to wave (and you’re not a fan of that look), perhaps give this trend a swerve.

We’d also advise that if you’re insecure about the roundness of your face, the power bob might not be for you. It has the effect of providing a perfect frame, accentuating your face shape – so you’ll need to be comfortable with that.

To get your own power bob, Nick shares exactly what to ask your stylist for.

‘I would recommend you ask your stylist for a one-length blunt cut bob with “forward graduation layers” at the front,’ he says.

‘Ask your stylist how to maintain this cut, according to your own natural hair movement.

‘I would recommend a serum, oil or shine spray to finish – you will need to wear this cut smooth and shiny to achieve its full power!’

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