Alice Cooper Recalls Performing With Iggy Pop, MC5 After Move To Detroit

In a recent interview, Alice Cooper recalled performing with Iggy Pop and The Stooges and MC5 after he and his band moved to Detroit in 1970.

“Playing with Iggy and MC5 was great for us,” Cooper told Uncut. “We’d got so used to following Spirit or somebody like that. They were great musicians but didn’t have that electricity and drama.”

“The MC5 were just pure Detroit. They were a little bit R&B, they were hard rock, they were politically charged and they were all such good musicians,” he said about the rock band from Lincoln Park.

Cooper described The Stooges as “so hypnotic.” “They would just sit there and they never got in the way of Iggy’s theatrics, who was as nasty as it got,” he added.

“All those three bands – MC5, Stooges and Alice Cooper – worked so well together because we were three different types of theater,” Cooper said.

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