Britney Spears' Mother Lynne Is PISSED About Jamie's Pricey Attorney Fees!

Momma to the rescue!

If you’re a devotee of the #FreeBritney movement, you know Britney Spears‘ conservatorship is a family affair. Dad Jamie Spears has been in control of her life and finances since the conservatorship began back in 2008. More recently, mom Lynne Spears has gotten more involved in the legal matters as tensions increased between Jamie and Brit. (Even little sis Jamie Lynn threw her hat in the ring, but that’s another story.)

It’s a good thing that Lynne stepped in, too, because despite the fact that the pop star wants her dad out, he still seems to be taking advantage of his daughter. Earlier this month, we learned that the Spears patriarch wanted to pay his exorbitant legal fees — which are being used to fight Britney’s wishes! — with her money. And Lynne is NOT having it.

On Monday, the Lucky singer’s momma filed court documents objecting to the fee of $890,000 from Jamie’s law firm Holland & Knight, according to People. She called the requested fees “procedurally and substantively improper,” and claimed that H&K’s services were not “performed in good faith for the benefit” of her daughter.

The document went on to state that the firm’s “unnecessary” work “largely constituted a ‘national media tour’ orchestrated by H&K to promote Ms. Thoreen and/or to combat media coverage that cast Mr. Spears in a negative light.” Remember that Good Morning America appearance where Thoreen gave a private home video of the Crossroads actress to national TV? Yeah, it’s no wonder Lynne’s filing calls the law firm’s actions “directly contrary to wish for privacy.”

The doc read:

“ vehemently objects to the inclusion of services related to ‘Media Matters:’ the national media tour that Mr. Spears’ counsel has embarked upon. … The Conservatee’s life has been under a media microscope, and the last thing she wishes, desires, or derives any benefit from is her Conservator’s attorney spending money to promote herself in the same media that scrutinizes everything that happens to .”

Tell ’em, mom!

The documents also alleged that the firm requested fee payment for 628 hours of work, when only 385 hours had been approved beforehand. Lynne slammed the number of hours logged as “utterly excessive for the litigation-related services” the firm completed, and stated that H&K’s cost was over $200,000 more than “all of the other law firms combined” that provide similar services.

The 69-year-old has asked that the court review the attorney costs and that a portion of them (at least $224,000 related to that “media tour”) be “immediately repaid” to Spears’ estate.

Honestly, we are just SO glad that someone else is stepping up on Brit’s behalf. We know the conservatorship is convoluted (and seemingly exploitative), but it just didn’t sit right with us that the 39-year-old would have to pay for the lawyers who are actively fighting her in court! This seems like a really positive sign about Lynne’s involvement, and we hope she succeeds with this filing.

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