Cardi B Slams Haters Who Are Victim Blaming Miss Mercedes Morr For Her Own Death – As More Disturbing Details Are Revealed

The internet has hit a new low — and Cardi B won’t stand for it.

The superstar songstress took to social media to defend late Instagram model Miss Mercedes Morr, who died in a reported murder-suicide in Houston, Texas over the weekend, after haters said the IG vixen was responsible for her own death because of her lifestyle. Yes, really.

As we reported, the 33-year-old was found strangled to death in her apartment by her alleged stalker, Kevin Alexander Accorto, who was found upstairs lying in a pool of his own blood after stabbing himself in the neck.

While many were rightfully heartbroken and disturbed by the news, quite a few trolls took to social media to claim that Moor (real name Jenae Gagnier) had it coming because she flaunted her life publicly on multiple social channels, including Facebook, Snapchat, and OnlyFans.

The wave of hate apparently caught Cardi’s attention, and the Grammy winner issued a much needed clap-back on her IG Stories, writing:

“So sad and f**k you bitches and n****s trying to justify it cause of her lifestyle. Ya will hate on a bad bitch dead or alive. She was a sweetheart.”

Thank you, Cardi! Seriously, though, WTF is wrong with some people!?

No one appreciated the Up hitmaker’s support more than Morr’s family, who told TMZ they were “grateful” for the hip-hop icon to bring awareness to her death because “Cardi took the attention away from her daughter’s alleged murderer and put it back on Mercedes.” The family was so grateful, in fact, they invited the 28-year-old to attend Mercedes’ memorial service on Saturday in Houston — but the brood noted there’s no pressure for the superstar to attend, as they know she’s a busy woman.

The news comes after Morr’s father, Mark, described the grisly scene he walked into on Sunday. Speaking to ABC News, the grieving poppa said he hadn’t heard from his daughter in a few days, so he and his girlfriend went to his daughter’s home on a wellness check — only to find his daughter’s body at the bottom of a staircase. He recalled:

“My daughter was on the ground, and at that moment, I thought Janae had an accident and fell down the stairs… she looked like she came home, was getting undressed and fell down the stairs… So I was like, ‘Baby run upstairs and get something to cover Janae up’… and I kind of like turned away. When ran upstairs and saw the guy – then I realized it wasn’t an accident.”

Mark said after he kicked in a bedroom door to confront the man, he saw Accorto plunging a knife into his own neck and heard the man “gurgling” with blood. He recalled:

“I didn’t know what he did… He was twitching, he was gurgling.”

He went on to claim it looked like the alleged stalker had been in the apartment for “two days,” sharing:

“I could look in the room, there’s writing all over the walls. He was there for like two days, writing on the walls. There’s blood all over the apartment. Supposedly, when I kicked in the door, he ended his life. For me to see that, I kind of just was in shock. I just stood there.”

Absolutely terrifying.

According to reports, Accorto had reportedly stayed in the house for a few days after Morr’s death as frenetic messages were written on the walls in her lipstick, like, “I wish I never loved her” and “I should’ve stayed in Florida.”

Mark revealed that his daughter sometimes left the garage door open, and speculated that the alleged killer must have slipped in that way. He also admitted the sheer number of her social media followers “scared the hell out of me,” adding:

“Janae had a lot of followers, and I warned Janae about her followers. Some were true followers, some were there for their own reason; apparently one was a little nutty.”

Mark says the family intends to set up a GoFundMe to celebrate their late daughter’s life.

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