Busy Philipps comes up with DIY solution to save NYC home from flooding

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The historic storm sure kept Busy Philipps … occupied.

The “Girls 5eva” star was forced to turn her collection of reusable canvas totes into sandbags as her New York home flooded Wednesday night, when remnants of Hurricane Ida ravaged the northeast.

Philipps, 42, filmed her husband, screenwriter Marc Silverstein, attempting to sweep muddy water out of the couple’s submerged basement.

“What do we do?” Philipps asked. “What the f—k are we supposed to do?” she said in a video on her Instagram Story, laughing in amazement at the situation.

But the stream kept on coming, prompting the actress to come up with a DIY solution.

She posted of a photo of herself in dirty sweats and Hunter wellies, holding a snow shovel and canvas bags in her basement.

“If *FOR ONE SECOND* you *EVER* thought I was the type of person who would just GIVE UP when the flood started rising and the people who are supposed to come help are distracted by a myriad of other calamities SO THEY CAN’T SHOW UP, then I’m here to tell you- you’re VERY wrong,” Philipps wrote in the caption.

“*I’m* the bitch that will McGuyver canvas shopping bags into sandbags using the very dirt pouring into my own home (and also some rice and flour and yes maybe old croutons.) Because MUCH LIKE the cockroach that fell out of a disintegrated box of Christmas ornaments, I will always find a way out,” the caption read.

She added: “AND YES. This is both metaphorical and also VERY LITERAL.”

Philipps and Silverstein bought a $1.625 million home in Rhinebeck, in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley earlier this year, according to reports. The couple are also renting a Chelsea townhouse for when for Philipps commutes into Manhattan for work.

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