Chris Evans lifts lid on ‘petrifying’ health issue that sparked big diet change

Chris Evans discusses 'petrifying' realisation about food

DJ Chris Evans felt he had no choice but to totally change his diet after learning “petrifying” facts about his food consumption.

The Virgin Radio host has said he was in need of a major overhaul after he realised even the “healthy” meals he was tucking into were packed with sugar.

The 57-year-old, who also revealed this week that he had received the all-clear from his cancer diagnosis, took to his morning radio show on Tuesday to share that he will no longer be eating cereals or drinking apple juice after watching health documentary That Sugar Film.

Speaking about the moment the documentary filmmaker tested the sugar content in his meal, Chris recounted: “His breakfast is a bowl of cereal with some healthy yogurt as a topping, healthy in inverted commas, and a glass of apple juice.

“So he eats the cereal and drinks the apple juice and says to the doctor, ‘how many teaspoons [of sugar] is that?'” 

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“[The doctor replies] ’20’. And so he has to be careful to not go over that. To not reach 40 and to go through the rest of the day in order to have enough to not feel hungry.

“It’s unbelievable and it’s happening every single day in all our breakfasts, dinners and tea time tables and in every vending machine, and in every snack shop, and in every takeaway. And it’s flipping frightening.”

“It’s got me off the choccie biscuits,” he continued.

“He [the documentary maker] does say, however, about the choccie biscuits that at least you know [how unhealthy they are]. “It’s your baked beans… Cereals are a nightmare – they should be illegal… and fruit juices. 

“Fructose over glucose. Petrifying. It’s called That Sugar Film, you have to watch it.”

Much has been revealed in recent years over the high amount of hidden sugars in the likes of breakfast cereals and fruit juices. 

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Popular brands like Kellogg’s and Nestle have been accused of producing cereals packed with sugar and using unclear labelling.

Campaigners, Action On Sugar, have said that Brits could eat 45 teaspoons less sugar per month, an estimated 3kg a year, if levels on packaging were clearer.

Chris’ admission follows his recent health update that he is clear of skin cancer, eight weeks after he was first diagnosed.

He had told listeners of his Virgin Radio UK Breakfast Show in August that he had been diagnosed with the early stages of skin cancer and that he had caught it quickly, meaning it was “as treatable as cancer can possibly be”.

The presenter shared that he had received an email about the cancer that was removed from his leg. Sharing the email on his behalf live on-air, his co-presenter read: “I have forwarded the pathology report. It is excellent news.

“There is no residual disease. You have the all-clear.”

Urging people to get checked if they have cancer symptoms, Chris added: “If you’re worried about anything, just bear in mind the fact that eight weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer and now I don’t have it at all. At all.

“And that’s why you just need to attend to things. And it’s really tough, because for years I was the guy who wouldn’t go anywhere near that.”

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