How Tall Is Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan dominated the box office as a child actor and later in her teens and early 20s. However, with so much much attention on her, a troubling family dynamic, and some substance abuse issues, Lohan was essentially blacklisted from Hollywood.

After several years of hiatus, where Lohan has been living overseas and focused on her various business ventures, the actor is returning to Hollywood for a new role in a Netflix movie.

Fans are thrilled for the pint-sized actor’s return.

Lindsay Lohan is starring in a new Netflix movie

Lohan has always said that she has wanted to get back into acting, and now it’s official. The Parent Trap actor will star in a romantic Christmas comedy for Netflix. The movie currently does not have a title, but according to Variety, Lohan will play a “newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress who gets amnesia after a skiing accident and finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas.”

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for the film, nor have they announced the rest of the cast, but it’s certainly going to be refreshing to see the Get a Clue actor back in her element once again.

Lindsay Lohan has gotten candid about how she relieves stress

Now that Lohan is on a brand new path, she is probably sticking to her self-care routine in a big way. “When I’m in LA, I always go to Arcona for facials,” she told In the Gloss. “I wish I had one here in London. It scares me to jump around from spa to spa because if they don’t know your skin, they can go either way.”

Lohan also liked to indulge in acupuncture and Naam yoga. However, you will never catch the Freaky Friday actor in a bathtub. “I don’t take baths…I filled the tub once, but never used it. I think baths are gross—you’re sitting in your own filth!” she said.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t as tall as you might think

Lohan is only five feet five inches tall, but as we all know, she becomes larger than life on screen. Though the actor has not been on the big or small-screen in several years, fans are thrilled that she will be dazzling us on Netflix amid the holiday season.

Though the actor has focused on her other business ventures overseas, she has been wanting to get back to acting for several years now. On CNN’s New Year’s Eve special in 2019, Lohan told Anderson Cooper that her dream was to get back into acting. “Come back to America and start filming again and taking back the life that I worked so hard for, and sharing it with my family and you guys,” she explained.

It looks like she’s doing just that.

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