Chris Rock Calls Cops After Man Tries Filming From His Fire Escape

Chris Rock may have fallen victim to one of the oldest prowler plays in the book — we’re told the comedian called the cops to report a peeping Tom with a camera right outside his window.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Chris called 911 Sunday night from his NYC home — in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan — to say a guy was lurking just outside of his apartment … on his freaking fire escape!!!

We’re told NYPD raced over, but that when they got there … the suspect was nowhere to be found, having fled after Chris spotted him. Our sources say the dude jumped down to the ground, only to hop into a white Mercedes … making a clean getaway. Indeed, it sounds like something straight out of the movies.

The weirdest part — our sources say Chris reported the man appeared to have a camera, and that he seemed to be attempting to either film or snap pics of CR. At least that’s how it came across to Chris, anyway.

Our sources say cops took a report and that the case is under investigation.

While most of the trespassing stories we hear about when it comes to A-list celebs tend to happen in L.A. — this is just a friendly reminder that these freaky incidents go down in the Big Apple as well. Taylor Swift, unfortunately, knows that phenomenon all too well.

Sounds like Chris might wanna get into a luxury high-rise after this, and ASAP. Lord knows there are no fire escapes there … perhaps for the better.

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