Corrie Justin’s chilling last words to Daisy as he’s sentenced after acid attack

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    Coronation Street's Justin had chilling final words to Daisy after he was found guilty of attacking Ryan with acid.

    During Monday's instalment (June 5) of the ITV soap, Justin's trial continued and it was time for the jury to come to a verdict.

    After both barristers gave their closing speeches, Daisy's hope's of bringing her stalker to justice slowly faded as she was branded a "habitual liar" by his defence lawyer.

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    But despite this, the jury saw through Justin's lies and found him guilty.

    As Justin was dragged back to his cell, he looked up and shouted: "Daisy, I still love you. We'll be together again, I know we will!"

    A tear fell down Daisy's face as she watched Justin get hauled away by officers, bringing to an end her stalker horror and allowing justice for Ryan.

    Earlier in the episode, Daniel clocked an awkward look between Daisy and Ryan and confronted his fiancé about it.

    Insisting she felt guilty about pretending to be Crystal, Daniel had no idea that Daisy actually had her near kiss with Ryan on her mind.

    Later, Ryan was devastated when he discovered from Crystal's assistant that she'd had an accident and was now in a coma.

    But his devastation quickly turned to confusion when he received a text from 'Crystal' who was messaging to check up on him.

    Reading out the text to Carla, Ryan said: "Sorry I've not been in touch, had loads going on."

    "Hang on. I thought Crystal was in a coma?" Carla responded as Ryan muttered: "So did I".

    As Ryan tried to gather his thoughts, another text came through which said: "How are you getting on? Hope you're feeling better xx".

    As Carla questioned whether Ryan was sure he had been speaking to Crystal, the realisation hit him and Ryan worked out that he'd been catfished.

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