David Beckham will meet with King Charles ‘after severing ties with Prince Harry’

One of the great things about the Netflix Beckham docuseries is that it introduced David Beckham’s soccer/football career to a new audience. Before I watched the series, I honestly didn’t “get” why Beckham had such a major career. Yes, he never won the World Cup, but he captained Team England for six years and made a historic number of appearances playing for his country. His achievements at Manchester were crazy, and he won La Liga at Real Madrid. All told, he won 19 major titles/trophies. Truly, a historic career, and off the pitch, he is still a global ambassador for football and one of the richest athletes of all time. Which is probably why the Windsors have always punished him and refused to “give” him a knighthood – he’s too famous, too rich, too successful. Those sadists have to withhold something from him. Well, according to the Daily Mail, the Windsors were withholding the knighthood because of Beckham’s closeness to Prince Harry. And now David has “severed ties” with Harry, so King Charles has granted David an audience.

David Beckham has accepted an invitation from the King to attend a dinner after severing ties with Prince Harry. The former England star is dining with Charles to talk about the possibility of him becoming an ambassador for The Prince’s Foundation, a charity founded by the King in order to help provide skills to young people.

Mr Beckham has previously held a similar role representing Invictus Games, the multi-sport competition for sick and injured servicemen and women founded by Prince Harry in 2014. But the ex-footballer has since distanced himself from the Duke of Sussex after he and wife Meghan relocated to the US and stepped back as senior royals in 2020.

Sources close to Mr Beckham say that he is hoping for a honour such as a knighthood, the Sun reported. He was awarded an OBE back in June 2003 for services to football. More recently in 2017, his wife Victoria received the same honour for her contribution to fashion.

The 48-year-old’s chances of being knighted were previously blighted after he was one of 1,000 people caught up in the scandal involving Ingenious films, including former teammate Wayne Rooney, who all lost their case to overturn a £700million bill of avoided tax in 2017.

It’s possible that Mr Beckham will meet King Charles at the Foundation’s base, Dumfries House, in east Ayrshire, Scotland. A source suggested that the meeting would be an opportunity for the King to ‘suss out’ Mr Beckham and find out in what areas they could work together.

[From The Daily Mail]

Where is the evidence that Becks has severed ties with Harry? In September, Harry turned up at the Inter Miami game in LA, reportedly because Harry always wanted to see Leo Messi play (Messi plays for Miami). While there were no photos of Harry and David together, it would be hard to believe that Harry would have made a point of going to the game without speaking to David. That being said, I’ve gotten the feeling for months now that Prince William has been throwing tantrums about and to David Beckham and that William is the one who made this into a “you can’t be friends with Harry” situation. It’s just so stupid and small.

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