Disney No1 We Don't Talk About Bruno is more catchy than Let It Go

Cover your ears! Disney No1 We Don’t Talk About Bruno is more catchy than Let It Go

As every parent will testify, few songs have proved more appealing to youngsters than Let It Go from the Disney blockbuster Frozen.

But a catchy tune from the studio’s latest animated movie, Encanto, is threatening to edge it aside.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno has just hit the top of the UK singles chart, becoming the first Disney song to do so in its 70-year history.

Mirabel, the main character in animated smash Encanto, which revolves around a family in rural Colombia who possess magical gifts

Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also created the musical Hamilton, the track was streamed 6.3 million times in Britain alone last week.

It has also hit No 1 on the Billboard streaming chart in the US.

In contrast, Let It Go only made it to No 11 in the UK in 2014.

Encanto opened in Britain last November, but the song has steadily grown in popularity thanks to the £150 million film’s availability on the Disney+ streaming service.

Two other songs from the soundtrack are also in the Top 20 this week: Surface Pressure at No 5, and The Family Madrigal at No 15.

A Disney source said the runaway success of We Don’t Talk About Bruno – sung by a virtually unknown chorus of Hispanic performers – had surprised them.

Mirabel with Bruno, the subject of the catchy song topping the charts, in the movie Encanto

‘No one expected this song to become the cultural phenomenon it has,’ they said. ‘It has a catchy beat and a recurring chorus that people can’t resist.

‘Kids started singing it on social media sites like TikTok and it really took off. Now there’s no stopping it. We’re starting to get messages from frustrated parents asking, “Why?” ‘

Encanto revolves around a family in rural Colombia who possess magical gifts – except for the teenage Mirabel.

She is one of several characters who sings We Don’t Talk About Bruno, about an outcast uncle who can see into the future.

The source explained: ‘He has ruined lives with all his negative predictions. So the song is all about how “we don’t talk about Bruno-no-no-no.”

‘Once you get it in your head it stays there and won’t leave. It’s the kind of tune young kids love because it’s so simple and catchy.’

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