Duggar News: Fans Slam the Duggar Family After They Post a Photo of a Hunted Deer Ahead of Josh Duggar's Trial

Duggar family fans and followers have been closely following the latest Josh Duggar news. Federal agents arrested Josh Duggar in April 2021 on suspicion of obtaining child sexual abuse material. Now, followers of the family anxiously await more details as his trial looms closer. And they recently noticed the Duggar family posted a photo of a hunted deer to their Instagram, causing questions and outrage.

Duggar news: The Duggar family Instagram posted a photo of Jackson Duggar with a hunted deer

Since the initial Josh Duggar news broke regarding his arrest, the Duggar family hasn’t said much in response. TLC canceled the family’s show, Counting On. And a few family members, like Jinger Duggar and Jill Duggar, made statements after the fact. But since the initial shock of Josh’s alleged crimes, the Duggar family Instagram, which is typically filled with photos and videos of Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar, and their 19 children, has fallen flat.

Josh’s parents still occasionally keep their fans updated on what’s going on in their lives, though. And they posted a photo of 17-year-old Jackson Duggar kneeling next to a hunted deer on Nov. 16, 2021.

“Jackson got a nice buck on Saturday, the opening day of gun season here in Arkansas!” the Instagram post reads. “We’ve already enjoyed some of the meat from his harvest! Deer jerky is one of our favorites to make. Jackson is a good shot, and becoming a great cook, too!”

Duggar family followers reacted negatively to the post

Unfortunately for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the recent Duggar news they posted to their Instagram isn’t going over well with their followers. Fans can’t help but remember how the family said that “all life is precious” in the past. It seems many followers believe this post goes against everything the Duggars claimed they stand for. Not only that, but posting a controversial image two weeks before Josh Duggar’s trial also isn’t going over well.

“Tell me you don’t have a PR team without telling me you don’t a PR team,” a follower commented on the post.

“I eat meat, so I’m not one to judge what anybody eats … but I also don’t think displaying a dead animal like some sort of prize is tasteful at all,” another fan commented.

“Do you try and post the most controversial pics to draw attention away from other topics/events???” yet another follower wrote.

“Give your kids a break from controversy, jeez!” another fan posted. “I get this is your right but why invite the controversy in when you know this is a divisive issue??”

Did Josh Duggar take a plea? When is his trial?

While the Duggar family’s post about the hunted deer didn’t sit well with a number of fans, Josh Duggar news continues to dominate the headlines. So, did Josh Duggar take a plea deal? It seems he didn’t. Accepting a plea deal would likely prevent him from heading to trial, but it would also require him to admit guilt. It seems he’s sticking with a not-guilty stance thus far.

This means Josh Duggar’s trial will likely still happen on Nov. 30, 2021. It’s unclear if the trial will be televised. Additionally, we’re not sure whether the Duggar family will comment on the trial at all. So far, it seems likely they will remain quiet.

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