EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite attacked by possum ‘You were dripping in blood’

Tamzin Outhwaite says she's donated to Barbara Windsor's charity

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Tamzin Outhwaite spoke candidly with her pal Kate Thornton as they recalled the horrific moment. The ex-EastEnders actress was joined by her Dun Breedin’ castmates Julie Graham, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Alison Newman and Angela Griffin.

Addressing Kate and Tamzin’s decades-long friendship, the pair discussed an incident that occurred on a work trip in Australia.

Speaking on the former X Factor presenter’s White Wine Question Time podcast, Kate recalled how the pair became friends many years ago.

She explained that while working as a reporter, the host had interviewed Tamzin over the phone.

The pair later bumped into each other at an award ceremony.

Not long after, the duo had been asked to take part in a programme together when they travelled Down Under.

Tamzin commented: “We went to Sydney for a BBC holiday programme.”

Kate chuckled: “They sent us to Australia. It’s one of my favourite stories.

“They had sent us all over Australia. It was such a great job.”

She continued: “We get to Tazmania and we were in this wood cabin. Tamzin goes outside to get a signal to call her boyfriend and at the time she was doing this drama called Redcaps.

“She was super fit and had been training with the army. Everywhere we went she was like, ‘I can kick that door in.'”

Tamzin interjected: “I really was.”

Unable to hold back her laughter, Kate went on: “She goes outside to make a phone call to her boyfriend.


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“I thought that she had got a signal, chatted to him, and had gone to bed because an hour had passed and she had not come back.

“I’m just up, sat chatting with the crew and then suddenly the doors kicked in and there’s Tamzin dripping in blood.

“She said, ‘Where the f*** were you?’ and I said, ‘What happened?'”

Tamzin finished the story, as she recalled: “A possum attacked me.”

When quizzed if she had killed the animal, the EastEnders actress admitted she had “no idea”.

Kate cheekily joked that wasn’t the “kindest act of friendship on my part”.

Tamzin went on to add that the pair have had a close friendship for over two decades as their relationship dates back to 1998.

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