Eden: King Charles should refuse to give Prince Harry a royal apartment!!

The Windsors have run out of punishments for Prince Harry, so they’re inventing things to “give” him so that they can hold these fantastical privileges over his head and eventually take them away. Like, how much of the royal establishment is just busywork and spinning wheels? Because it feels like that’s most of it. Last weekend, Buckingham Palace went on a briefing spree about Harry and their internal debate about what to do about a man who wants no f–king part of their bullsh-t. The biggest issue is that King Charles evicted the Sussexes from their British home, Frogmore Cottage, years after the Sussexes had paid back the full cost of renovation and refurbishment. Charles is currently floating the idea of “giving” Harry (and Harry alone) a “few rooms” in Kensington Palace so that Harry will have a place to stay when he comes into the UK. Instead of being outraged that the king is such a dogsh-t father who can’t even pretend to give a crap about the security of his grandkids, the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden is currently raging about how Harry needs to be punished even more.

The King should take a firm line with his wayward younger son – and refuse to provide a free British home for Prince Harry, says Richard Eden. In fact, he should go further, still and strip Harry of his special status as a Counsellor of State, one of the people who would stand in for the monarch were he to become unwell. Writing in the latest edition of his Palace Confidential newsletter, Eden explains that Charles has landed himself with an unexpected problem – because a Counsellor must be resident in Britain, yet Harry no longer has a home here. The answer, says Eden, is straightforward.

‘It’s time for the King to remove Harry as a Counsellor of State,’ he writes. ‘He should ask our lawmakers to remove the Duke of York at the same time. It would undermine His Majesty’s authority, and cause a public outcry, if he was to give Harry and Meghan a new home after their disgraceful attacks on the Royal Family.’

Eden says he was among those who applauded King Charles when he made the decisive move to evict the Duke of Sussex from Frogmore Cottage.

‘It made no sense for a couple who had quit official duties to be allowed to retain one of the biggest perks of life in “The Firm”: a royal residence in a highly desirable location on a heavily guarded estate. Ill-advisedly, however, the King then extended an olive branch by allowing Prince Harry to remain as one of his Counsellors of State.’

Others currently holding this role are Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Beatrice and, controversially, Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The King has recently asked Parliament to add Princess Anne and Prince Edward to the list.

‘This has now come back to haunt the King because, by law, counsellors of state are required to have a British domicile and Harry has no home here after giving up royal duties,’ he explains.

The Sunday Times reported that courtiers had discussed leasing a property on the royal estate to Harry and Meghan to try to resolve the counsellor-of-state conundrum. ‘This, in my opinion, is the wrong approach,’ says Eden.

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These people are sadists, and they’re perfectly comfortable showing the world just how sadistic they are. But a funny thing has happened – they already “punished” Harry so much, he’s basically numb to all of it now. Harry has moved on – he’s not begging to come back, he’s not begging to be a counsellor of state, he’s not begging for a royal home. The only reasons he has to visit the UK are to make charitable visits or appearances in court for his many lawsuits.

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