Fastest Exit Saves Young Couple From Travel Club Scam

Judy’s mom was offered tickets to a theme park in Miami. They were invited to join what was described as a brief presentation by salespeople of a vacation club. This was not Judy’s first presentation. She had just purchased a travel membership online for $1. She wanted her fiancé to  get more involved in vacation planning and maybe find a better.

The following is an account of Judy and Benjamin’s experience. We hope this exposes the underhanded tactics salesmen of travel clubs use to persuade innocent people into signing fraudulent contracts..

Judy’s timeshare purchase left Benjamin with more questions about timeshares and how they could utilize them for their family holidays. The couple decided to schedule presentations with sales representatives and immediately felt  pressured .

“The representatives were friendly, but they didn’t hesitate to point out what was wrong with the secondhand timeshare I got. He said our contract only offered us vacations for every even year, but we should sign up for the odd years to give us the best bang for our buck. We wanted a vacation every year, but he sounded like we needed an upgrade to access that offer.”

The air was quickly filled with tension because of the back and forth between the sales representative and the couple.

“I was under so much pressure that I began to cry right there because my fiancé trusted me with this decision. The salesman criticized me for making the wrong decision right in front of him and everyone and that what we wanted was much more expensive than we thought. My fiancé was nice and understanding and tried to convince me about why this could be a good financial decision.”

They were told that they could rent out their timeshare if they were not ready to reserve it for that year. It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that this was a scam and they lost another $7,500 related to this timeshare. Judy and Benjamin were stressed out and were tired of wasting money they could have saved up for their wedding instead. It also made them worried about how this would affect their retirement savings if they continued.

After so much frustration, Judy began to research ways to exit timeshares and found Fastest Exit online. She read many positive reviews about them and decided to reach out. With assistance from Fastest Exit, Judy and her Benjamin are now free from the burden of their timeshares.

“I was glad we were able to help Judy and Ben out. No couple starting out should be saddled with such a horrible burden,” said Anthony Chimente, “Timeshares are a drain on savings and a good financial plan never includes a timeshare.”