Frontier Flight Attendant's Take on Duct Tape Incident, Comedian's Version

The flight attendant who duct-taped an unruly Frontier passenger is finally speaking out — well, at least a YouTuber is giving him a pretty hilarious voice.

Ya gotta see this spoof of a TV newscast, which starts and ends with actual news footage … but in the middle features YouTube personality, The Real Spark, masquerading as flight attendant, Alfredo Rivera — and if you act up on his flights, “you gonna have to attend this ass whooping!”

He explains the passenger stunk like “4 shots of Everclear and regret.” He then references something that allegedly happened for real on the flight … the passenger, Max Berry, groping a female crew member mid-flight. “Alfredo” adds, “Where he f**ked up at is when he touched my titties., ’cause I don’t play that!!!”‘

Just watch… we give it an ‘A’ for delivery and production quality.

As you know … the real flight attendant taped Berry to a seat after the guy allegedly groped a couple female crew members and started screaming, cussing and making a scene.

TMZ obtained new video of the incident, showing Berry ranting and raving as he was restrained. The real flight attendants involved are all on paid leave while the airline investigates … but Frontier says it supports their actions under the circumstances.

Until the actual crew members speak out, this guy’s spoof will have to do.

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