Jayde Adams silences Strictly viewers’ cruel jibes over her thighs

Strictly: Jayde Adams reveals blunder

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Jayde Adams, partnered with professional dancer Karen Hauer, has been fighting against fat shaming for most of the 2022 Strictly series. Most recently, she has hit back at online trolls on Instagram with a post confirming that she will not let the backlash chase her off the stage. 

Jayde has been proudly representing larger body types on the show, but not all viewers have been a fan of her work and some have even suggested that her and Karen are being overmarked because of it. 

The comedian shared a candid photo on Instagram to silence her critics, saying: “Them: She shouldn’t be on Strictly because she’s fat. 

“Me: If I stay on Strictly, I’ll get less fat.”

The frank post was accompanied by a lengthy, good-natured caption reading: “I’m getting lots of nice people sending me many DM’s worrying about my mental health because stupid people are saying silly things about my weight after my thighs went viral on Saturday night.

“You need to know, I would never allow someone who doesn’t see the idiocy of this logic, to affect my mental health.

“AND if it did creep in, not only do I have Karen but I’m surrounded by people who would either gather round me or if it got REALLY bad, they’d track them and pay them a visit I’m sure.

“If there was something that wrong with me, I wouldn’t be able to dance six hours every day and lift Karen. 

“Because of how stupid this logic is, I suspect their issues aren’t to do with me at all. But women always get it in the neck don’t they.

“I’m not ignoring it, I’m addressing it. The more I show resilience to it, the more other people will be able to and that’s useful I think. I love the love though.”

She hilariously signed off the post with: “All my love, from me and my massive thighs.”

Throughout her time on the show, Jayde has been battling nasty comments from BBC viewers about her appearance, but she has been praised constantly by the judges.

Jayde and her partner Karen were commended for their Flashdance routine in movie week and her social media followers have been undeniably supportive of the star. 

Her own Strictly co-stars have also voiced their opinions backing the comedian, as star Katya Jones commented on the post: “We love the whole of you girl!”

Another follower added: “I’d rather have massive thighs than a small mind. Watching you dance with Karen makes my heart feel like it’s gonna burst. 

“There’s way more to dance than feigning romance.”

Before her dance, Jayde admitted she was immensely proud of “getting this body on camera” and showcasing different body types in dance and entertainment. 

Last episode, Jayde and Karen’s Cha-Cha to What a Feeling from Flashdance earned them 29 out of 40 points. 

This has been Jayde’s highest score on Strictly so far. 

Judge Motsi Mabuse even praised the duo for proving that dance can be “inclusive”. 

Jayde and Karen are set to return with an American Smooth routine to Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler. 

Strictly Come Dancing continues on October 15 at 6:30pm on BBC One. 

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