Joe Budden Rips Just Blaze For Leaking Slaughterhouse 'Glass House' Songs

joe budden and Just Blaze

Joe Budden is pissed with Just Blaze for releasing his old Slaughterhouse music … even if his diehard fans were rejoicing to hear the tracks.

On the newest episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” the retired rapper lashed out at Just Blaze’s recent actions without cracking a smile.

Just recently took it upon himself to honor the recently deceased Mark The 45 King and leaked a pair of tunes from the defunct group’s shelved “Glass House” album of 2014.

Hip hop heads and even Joe’s cohosts wholeheartedly approved of the tracks, but Joe argued he’s long removed himself from the SH situation and attempted to call Just for a curse-out in real time … but the superproducer didn’t pick up.

The group was supposed to be hip hop saviors but infighting saw them only release one album on Eminem‘s Shady Records.

And Joe’s screaming nothing else should see the light of day.

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