Joey Essex admits it is 'intimate' skating with DOI's Vanessa Bauer

Joey Essex admits it is ‘very intimate’ skating with Dancing On Ice’s Vanessa Bauer and confesses he ‘doesn’t know’ how married people take part in the show

They’ve been training together for the past three months ahead of their show debut. 

And now, Joey Essex has admitted that it is ‘very intimate’ skating with his Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer, and confessed that he ‘doesn’t know’ how married people take part in the show. 

The former TOWIE star, 32, gushed that he feels ‘blessed’ to be paired with the German skating professional, 26, confessing he was ‘very happy’ about the arrangement.

Oh! Joey Essex, 32, has admitted that it is ‘very intimate’ skating with his Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer, 26, and ‘doesn’t know’ how married people take part in the show

Joey told The Sun: ‘I’m truly blessed to be paired with Vanessa, I was very happy. You’re close and you are touching each other’s legs . . . and everywhere else. You are very intimate and it can happen.

‘Honestly I don’t know how people do this show when they’re married — it would be a disaster.

‘People were saying to me, like, ”If I was married . . . God!” Lucky I ain’t got a ring on my finger, eh?’

Blessed: The former TOWIE star gushed that he feels ‘blessed’ to be paired with the German skating professional confessing he was ‘very happy’ about the arrangement

It comes after Vanessa shut down the growing rumours of a romance between her and Joey, after they had previously said to have been ‘super flirty’. 

She shared that they are ‘just friends’, before adding that they’re having ‘a lot of fun’ preparing for the competition.

Speaking to The Sun, Vanessa was asked whether there was any truth to rumours of a blossoming relationship between her and Joey.

Dancing On Ice: Joey is set to take to the skating rink with professional skate partner Vanessa Bauer

‘We are just skating partners,’ she firmly said, while responding the same to any chance of romance in the future.

And turning the conversation to the upcoming series of the skating competition, the brunette continued: ‘Dancing on Ice couldn’t go any better right now, Joey is progressing really fast and he’s working hard.

‘He takes Dancing on Ice extremely seriously; I was a bit worried at the beginning that he was going to joke around too much. But we are having a lot of fun and at the same time we are training so hard.’



AGE: 50

PROFESSION: Actress and DJ

WHAT DID THEY SAY?:  ‘I’ve turned it down before because I was terrified, but when I turned 50 I made a pact to get out of my confront zone. ‘


AGE: 28

PROFESSION: Love Island star 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?:  ‘I’ve got some amazing news to tell you. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get myself on the ice and skate. Stay tuned and see you on the ice.’


AGE: 24


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve not got the best coordination so when people find out they will laugh, but I don’t want to spend my life saying “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.”


AGE: 32 


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’m so excited. I wanted something in my life with structure and it’s more serious than what I usually do.’


AGE: 36

PROFESSION: Actress and West End star

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’m so excited that I get to learn how to dance…on ice! I’m terrified but can’t wait – I just want to make the most of this whole experience.’


AGE: 33


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I want to learn how to skate and make my family proud of me and put on a show for everyone to see.’


AGE: 60

PROFESSION: Former footballer and pundit 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?:  ‘I am definitely in it to win it.And this may be one of the scariest things I’ve ever signed up for but I couldn’t be more ready for the challenge!’


AGE: 26

PROFESSION: Olympic gymnast 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve not done much ice-skating but I am so excited for the opportunity. I’m so excited to get into that routine and to feel like an athlete again.’


AGE: 29

PROFESSION: Drag queen

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘To be the first drag artist to take part in one of the big UK reality competition shows is an honour and a big step forward for queer representation on TV.’



AGE: 34 

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve got giant feet, I don’t skate and I can’t danceMy family has already made bets – they’re making bets that I’ll fall on the first episode!’ 


AGE: 43


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’ve always wanted to do it but I know I would never have been able to complete anything because of the way I was 18 months ago, so I’m really truly grateful that I’ve got it this year when I’m a lot stronger.’


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