Letizia’s simple hair routine that leaves locks ‘shiny’ and ‘elegant’

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Spanish Queen Letizia, 50, turns heads wherever she goes. Her long, brunette hair is in many ways her crowning glory, and she looks fabulous whether she wears it in bouncy waves, a loose bun or slicked back ponytail.

Queen Letizia likely has access to some of the best hair stylists and products on offer.

So it is no wonder that her tresses are healthy, glossy and all-round radiant.

However, even royals can have room for improvement when it comes to their appearance.

Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Milk + Blush hair stylist Nicole Petty about Queen Letizia’s locks.

Nicole stated: “Admired all over for her beauty, style and hair, Queen Letizia of Spain’s look is one to watch.

“The royal is often seen with her long, brunette locks cascading past her shoulders effortlessly, with a subtle wave to add a touch of glamour.”

She has also been pictured sporting pin straight hair, loose chignons and sleek ponytails.

So what is Queen Letizia’s secret to glossy, healthy and undamaged hair?

According to the expert, her “extremely elegant, shiny and natural” hair is down to “regular haircuts to avoid getting any split ends”.

“And she steers clear of colouring her hair often to preserve its shine.”

Hair brand Briogeo stated that “we have to face the facts – bleach is never good for your hair”.

And while there are ways to maintain the health and appearance of bleached hair, the act of bleaching hair is not overly positive for its condition.

Hair bleaching can make the hair more porous, meaning that the hair cuticle is more open and more likely to continually open.

This can then become a split end and eventually break off if left untreated.

Avoiding colouring your hair can also help the health of your bank account, saving you a lot of money (and time) over the years.

Letizia does not only avoid dyeing her hair, but she is also okay with sporting the odd grey strand.

“One thing that fans have spotted recently is the Queen’s silver strands being debuted, particularly around the root area.”

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This relatable move could promote an acceptance of going grey, or even just having a few greys.

But if Letizia did want to add a pop of colour to her locks, the expert suggested a touch of blonde.

Milk + Blush’s Nicole Petty stated: “In the new year, Queen Letizia could try adding subtle caramel highlights to her look and a face-framing money piece to brighten up the eyes and accentuate her features even more.

“Alternatively, we’d love to see her with a bob style, as she debuted in 2019.

“The sleek style really made her bone structure stand out and looked classy and natural.”

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