KSI Says Dillon Danis Banned From Misfits Boxing, I'll Slap Him If I See Him!

KSI says Dillon Danis is persona non grata at all future Misfits Boxing events … telling TMZ Sports if he ever sees the MMA fighter again, he’ll “probably slap him in the face for all the disrespect he gave me.”

As we previously reported, Danis backed out of his fight against KSI just days before the event was slated to go down in London … with Misfits promoter Mams Taylor claiming his team told him Conor McGregor‘s buddy was underprepared to enter the ring.

We spoke with the 4-0-1 boxer about the whole ordeal … and he’s slamming the door on ever setting up another bout with Danis.

ksi faze temper

“No, I don’t,” KSI said this week. “I want him to go into irrelevancy. I don’t want anything to do with him anymore. He’s banned from Misfits. I don’t ever want to see him anywhere near Misfits.”

“I’m never gonna fight him, and if I see him, I’ll probably slap him in the face for all the disrespect he gave me throughout this buildup.”

Of course, FaZe Temper stepped up in Danis’ place … and will now face KSI at the OVO Arena Wembley on Saturday instead.

KSI says the FaZe Clan co-founder is no easy matchup … but is confident his skills can outlast anyone in the social media circle.

KSI also talked about his future plans in the sport … and he says he’s aiming to finally fight Jake Paul in 2023, and gives us a time frame on when he expects it to go down.

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