Josh Duggar’s Wife Anna Video Chats With Him Multiple Times a Day as She’s Banned From Jail Visits

The wife of the disgraced reality star may only contact her husband of 13 years via video call or email as the convicted sex offender awaits child pornography sentencing.

AceShowbizJosh Duggar‘s wife Anna Duggar is loyally standing by his side. The mom of seven reportedly has been scheduling multiple video calls a day with the convicted sex offender after she was banned from visiting him in jail.

According to The Sun, the 33-year-old wife of the “Counting On” alum is only able to communicate with her husband through video call or email because all in-person visits have been suspended due to COVID-19. This means that she won’t be able to see the disgraced former reality star in person until his sentencing in court, which is expected to take place four months from the verdict. However, his sentencing hasn’t been scheduled.

A video visitation log accessed by Instagram user Katie Joy, under the username @withoutacrystalball, saw that Anna had up to five video visits a day with Josh after he was taken into custody in December. The log showed that Anna had at least one video call with Josh on most of those days, maxing out at five on Christmas Eve. Those video calls cost $0.25 per minute, with the most expensive calls featured on the log coming in at $7.50 for 30 minutes.

Upon learning of Anna’s video call log, many “19 Kids and Counting” fans took to the comments and lambasted Anna for spending time away from her kids. One wrote, “U N B E L I E V A BLE…speechless…Anna never gonna wake her a** up, evva evva evva…[she’s like], ‘I will wait for you Josh’…gawd!”

“So if the kids can’t be in the room when she calls him, I guess she’s sending them to the big house when she’s calling him,” another opined. The said person added, “Neglecting them once again like she did when he was at the Rebers house.”

TLC fans’ comments arrived after it’s reported that Josh spent his Christmas holiday alone in his cell. A source at the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas said on December 25 that Josh “is cordoned off from the general population” as every sex offender is placed in solitary confinement for safety reasons.

The insider also stated that Josh had to spend the holiday season solo behind bars as he’s “left out” of the jail’s Christmas festivities. It’s also said that “people in solitary do not get to eat with others.” The informant further explained, “They get served alone in their cell, but they get the same food everyone else does.”

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