Kylie Jenner Denies Bullying Model on Set of Tyga Music Video!

It’s been over four years since Kylie Jenner broke up with Tyga, but the relationship is back in the news for a very surprising reason.

Most tabloid stories about Kylie have to do with her net worth or her thirst traps or her relationship to the other members of her family.

Surpirisingly few have anything to do with her personality.

Which is exactly why this latest scandal has the potential to be so devastating.

A model named Victoria Vanna has alleged that she was bullied and harassed by Kylie and her friends while working on the set of Tyga’s 2015 music video “Ice Cream Man.”

“Being a model isn’t always as fun as it seems especially around celebs,” Vanna wrote on TikTok this week.

Vanna included a clip of the video and wrote on the screen:

“The time i did togas [sic] music video & Kylie Jenner was on set bullying me w her friends.”

“As soon as I walked out, she was looking me up and down whispering and pointing and making fun of, like, how I was dancing,” Victoria later told fans.

“They were all just making fun of me, clearly,” she continued, adding:

“I’m literally full-on crying.”

Vanna says Kylie and her entourage left the shoot and got into a white Rolls Royce, where they continued to mock and laugh at her.

“They were all in there, eating McDonald’s, and then I was like walking by and I could just hear them… They’re literally still talking about me,” she alleged.

“I felt my face get hot, because I was like excited to meet her, and I just felt bullied for no reason. And I really was so excited that she was even there.” 

As for why she decided to share the allegations all these years later, Vanna says she felt that her followers would be amused by the anecdote.

“Because I really don’t give a s–t,” she said, calling it “just a funny experience.”

When Vanna’s claims were posted on The Shade Room Instagram page, Kylie was quick to respond:

“.. this never happened,” she commented. 

It’s tough to know who to believe here.

Kylie has never had a reputation for cruelty or bullying, but then again, she would have just turned 18 when this video was filmed in late 2015.

(Yes, let us not forget that Tyga engaged in some serious, possibly-illegal cradle-robbing, and the relationship was extremely creepy.)

Most people did some things they’re not especially proud of during their teen years, and it’s possible that Kylie was driven by jealousy to behave a bit rudely toward one of her boyfriend’s colleagues.

It’s also possible that she has no memory of the incident and thus, is not lying when she says she’s innocent of any harassment.

Whatever the case, it seems Kylie’s not terribly bothered by the allegations.

On Thursday, she reminded the world of how she racked up 242 million Instagram followers by posting one of the most memorable bikini pics of her career:

“Do not disturb,” Kylie captioned the image.

Apparently, Victoria didn’t get the memo.

Anyway, it would be cool if Kylie reached out to Victoria and offered an apology just in case the incident unfolded as she described, but don’t expect that to happen.

Insiders say Kylie is planning to launch a swimwear line this summer, and she really can’t afford any negative publicity at the moment.

A cool way to make amends would be offering Vanna a gig modeling some of her new wares, but again, that seems unlikely.

Unfortunately, it looks as though these two will simply offering very different accounts of what happened on set that day.

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