Michael Sheen Has Been Battling Coronavirus With Girlfriend Anna Lundberg & Daughter for ‘Weeks’

Michael Sheen is opening up about battling coronavirus for “weeks.”

The 52-year-old Prodigal Son star revealed he’s been battling the virus alongside girlfriend Anna Lundberg and their 17-month-old daughter Lyra.

“I’ve spent the last few weeks laid low by COVID. It’s been very difficult & quite scary,” he revealed on Twitter.

“I want to thank all the incredible women – Anna, Mum, [daughter] Lily, [sister] Joanne, my friends & all the women I am lucky enough to have support me who’ve helped me through this,” he went on to say, while acknowledging Internationl Women’s Day.

“Yes, we’ve all been dealing with THE virus the last few weeks. Michael and Lyra caught it first and then, inevitably, so did I,” Anna said on her Instagram.

She added it’s been “very challenging” but “luckily, we’re all much better now…I’m extremely grateful for our recovery and the support we’ve had from friends and family.” We are happy to hear that everyone is recovering well!

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